Toro TimeCutter SS4235

The Toro TimeCutter SS4235 lawnmower gets it’s power from a Kawasaki engine that has an output of 20 hp. This is a 4 stroke, 2 cylinder engine that uses a air cooling system to prevent overheating. The cool thing about the TimeCutter SS 4235 is that it has a zero turning radius (in other words, it can turn on a dime). This is thanks to the dual hydrostatic transmission that powers each rear wheel independently of the other. The amount of power directed to each wheel is controlled by the operator from his seat using the lap bars in front of him.

The Toro TimeCutter SS4235 Zero Turn Lawnmower has large rear wheels, but relatively small front wheels. The two rear tires measure 18×7.5 (18 inch diameter, 7.5 inch width) while the front tires are 10×4 (10 inch diameter, 4 inch width). The front tires are also smooth and have little function except to balance the mower deck. The forward power and turning is controlled only by the rear wheels. The top speed of the SS 4235 is 11.3 kph (7 mph), but this can be reduced to 6.4 kph (4 mph) using Toro‘s Smart Speed technology.

The mower deck on the Toro TimeCutter SS4235 lawnmower has a cutting width of 42 inches and consists of 2 blades. Everything about the mowing deck is the same as on the Toro TimeCutter SS4200, except the TimeCutter SS4235 provides more power to the deck. You can purchase a quick to attach hitch kit which will allow you to pull some of the lighter tools and implements from Toro. If you are operating this machine in a very hot climate, then you should strongly consider installing a sunshade to help prevent excessive exposure. A smaller model of this machine is the Toro TimeCutter SS3600 which has a smaller engine and mower deck. Check it out if this machine is a little too big for your needs.

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2 Reviews of the “Toro TimeCutter SS4235”

  1. Tim says:

    My third rider. Troybilt, Cub Cadet prior. This Toro blows them both out of the water. A little tough on my hilly back yard but always starts and runs like a champ. I did replace the battery.

    If you have steep slopes I do not recommend. Otherwise I am very happy.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Not MTD. Runs like a champ. Cutting time cut down.
    Cons: Hills, hard to control. Tears up weak sod.

  2. Alfred Smith says:

    This 2011 Toro Timecutter SS4235 is a piece of *#@#** (JUNK)!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Pros? Hmmm. Well, when you can get it started it cuts the grass.
    Cons: Piece of junk! Always started poorly. When I first got it home and tried to start it, I had to open the choke all the way to get it to start. Then, the chock had to remain wide open, or it would stall. I finally identified the problem with the open choke issue; the carburator was damaged by fuel being left in it for several months as it rested in the Home Depot warehouse. I had the carburator replaced and now the choke operates properly, but still starts only after many seconds of running the starter. The next problem the following season, again the mower would not start. Eventually the battery goes dead. Recharge the battery and now all I get is clicks when I turn the starter key. Bought a new battery, same thing. Apparently there is some kind of electrical problem or starter burn out. At any rate, I am very disappointed and unhappy with this poorly designed lawn mower. Buy it at your own risk!

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