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The Toro GT410 garden tractor lawn mower is the least powerful in the GT400 series. The other 2 larger, more powerful models are the Toro GT420 and the Toro GT430 lawn mowers. The engine that powers the GT410 is a Command motor from Kohler that features overhead valves. This engine has a displacement of 0.46 liters and is kept from overheating thanks to an air cooling system. This single cylinder engine has a maximum power output 16 hp. The lawnmower has a hydrostatic transmission to power the wheels. This makes it an automatic with no need to constantly change gears when you need to change you speed.

There are a choice of mower decks that you can get on the Toro GT410. There are a choice of a 42″, a 44″ and a 48″ mower deck that discharges the grass clippings out the side of the deck. If none of these seem appealing to you, then there is also a 48 inch Recycler mowing deck which converts the grass clippings into a finely chopped up mulch that rots quickly. All of these 4 mower decks that are compatible with the Toro GT410 are easily cleaned thanks to a washout port that you connect a hosepipe to. Once the hosepipe is connected, you just need to engage the mower deck. All mower decks have 3 blades except for the 42 inch deck which has 2 blades.

During the winter when grass has stopped growing, the Toro GT410 is still very useful. You can attach a 42 inch single stage snowblower or a 44 inch dual stage snow blower as well as a 48 inch dozer blade to deal with the snow on your driveway. The GT 410 even has headlights so that you can operate it early in the morning when it’s still dark outside. A rear bagger and roller can also be attached to the back of it.

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