McCulloch M11577HRB

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The McCulloch M11577HRB garden tractor lawnmower is practically the exact same machine as the McCulloch M11577RB lawn mower except for the fact that the M115 77HRB is much more easy to use. This is thanks to the fact that it uses a hydrostatic transmission to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This means that there is no annoying gear changing required while operating it. Instead it’s just a case of speeding up or slowing down, depending on how hard you press down on the gas pedals.

The McCulloch M11577HRB also uses a PowerBuilt AVS gasoline engine from Briggs and Stratton to power the wheels and the mowing deck. The mower deck on the M1157HRB is very small when compared to practically every single other tractor lawn mower that you can buy. It has a cutting width of just 0.77 m (30.3 inches). The really cool thing about this model is that the grass collector that is attached to the rear of the tractor is included as standard. There is also the option of purchasing a mulching kit which will finely chop up the grass clippings so that they rot much, much faster than regular grass clippings.

You will notice that the tires on the McCulloch M11577HRB are also quite small. The front wheels each measure just 13×5-6 (13 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter) while the rear wheels are a little bigger, each measuring 16×6.5-8 (16 inch diameter, 6.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter). The fuel tank on the M 11577HRB is not very big either. It can only hold 4.7 liters (1.2 US gallons) of gasoline, which means that you will be filling it up fairly regularly. If you own or have ever used this mower, then make sure to leave a review of it below to let others know what they should expect from it.

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