Massey Ferguson 12

The Massey Ferguson 12 is a ride on lawn mower designed and built by the team at MF. It’s  run on the assembly line lasted for 9 full years from 1967 until manufacture of it halted in 1976. The engine that came with the MF 12 is a Tecumseh HH120 engine. This is a 1 cylinder gasoline engine that is air cooled. The engine has a displacement of 0.5 liters and has a power output of 12 horse power (hp). This power drives this sit on garden tractor lawnmower forward through a choice of 2 different transmissions. The first is a hydrostatic transmission, giving it an infinite number of gears when traveling forward and an infinite number of gears when reversing also. Rather than having a gear lever on the hydrostatic model, to speed up or slow down, it’s simply just a case of depressing the accelerator more or less. The other choice of transmission gives it 4 gears going forward and only 1 in reverse.

The engine of the MF 12 sits on a 2WD chassis. The fuel tank on the Massey Ferguson 12 doesn’t need to be particularly big and as such it can only hold 9.5 liters (2.5 US gallons) of gasoline. As the engine is not particularly massive on this ride on lawn mower, it doesn’t weigh too much as a whole. It’s maximum height is 1.06 m (41.75 inches), while the tractor lawnmower is 0.9m (35.5 inches) wide. The machine measures 1.7 m (67 inches) in length and a has a wheelbase of 1.11 m (44 inches).

It’s increasingly rare that you will find a Massey Ferguson 12 still in operation and mowing lawns, but many can still be found cutting lawns today. The MF 12 is easily recognizable as it has the same hood that you would normally find on any Massey Ferguson tractor from the sixties and seventies only much smaller.

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