Kubota ZD331

The Kubota ZD331 zero turn lawn mower is the largest machine in the Z series from Kubota. There are actually 3 similar but slightly different models of the ZD 331. These are the Kubota ZD331P-60, the Kubota ZD331LP-72 and the Kubota ZD331RP-60R lawnmowers. Obviously the Kubota ZD331LP-72 has a 72 inch mower deck, while the other 2 have mower decks with a cutting width of 60 inches. All three models are powered by a diesel engine that produces 31 hp. This is a 3 cylinder, liquid cooled engine that has a displacement of 1.261 liters. The engine is key-started using a 12 volt battery that provides the engine with 450 cold cranking amps. The engine is then recharged by a 14 amp alternator.

Power from the engine is then transferred to the wheels through a 2-HST, dual hydrostatic transmission that provides the Kubota ZD331 with infinite speeds going forwards as well as in reverse. The speed and direction of the lawnmower is controlled through the lap bars in front of the driver. The ZD 331 has a top speed of 17 kph (10.6 mph) going forwards and 8.5 kph (5.3 mph) when it’s reversing.

The mower deck on the Kubota ZD331 is made from fabricated steel, which makes it strong enough to resist most bending, breaking and deforming even when it hits a fixed object in the ground. The trailing edge and the leading edge of the mower deck has a number of anti-scalping wheels attached. These work to prevent the mower deck from scraping, marking or scarring the lawn as it travels over it. The total weight of the ZD-331 varies from 763 kg (1681 lbs) to 803 kg (1770 lbs) depending on the model in question. If you currently own or have previously owned this lawnmower, then please leave a review of it below to let others know what they should expect from it and whether or not you would recommend it.

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota ZD331”

  1. fred says:

    The mower is used to cut large yard and airport runway.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: Good strong mower. I’m cutting 11 acres and very happy.. I now have 800 hours with not trouble.
    Cons: Spending 6/8 hours the day when mowing I find the seat becomes a bit uncomfortable.
    Attachments: 72″ mower
    Modifications: Hitch for pulling a drag.

  2. Hank Schade says:

    Overall I like the machine, only time will tell if it holds up, I only have about 500 hours on it, The only disapontment was the center blade speed problom, and the fact it takes way too long to get parts from kubota(that is the biggest negative sofar).

    Year of Manufacture: 6
    Pros: Machine is fast and seems reliable, however don’t have a lot of use on it yet, I bought it new have a small yard, we will see? The diesel engine is what I like most, low maintantice, use little fuel, smooth running, I can’t see why anyone would buy a gas mower nowdays? Overall I like the mower. The deck stucture is built very heavy, should handle a good amount of abuse.
    Cons: At higher ground speeds the center blade starts to not cut good, the outter ones cut fine at any speed, seems this is a known problom according to the local dealer, I am currently changing the deck pully for that blade to a smaller one to increase the speed a little, however some machine work is required.Kubota takes way too long to fill parts orders, I do like this machine, but if parts and service are not improved I may not buy another kubota.
    Modifications: Changed center deck pully to correct blade speed problom.

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