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The Kubota L5740 compact utility tractor is the largest and the most powerful machine in the Kubota L40 series. The engine powering it is an E-TVCS diesel, just like on the rest of the L40 series. However, this engine is more powerful than the rest in the series. It has a maximum net power output of 57 hp and a maximum gross power output of 59 hp. The engine is a 4 stroke, 4 cylinder model that that has a total displacement of 2.434 liters. The engine is turbocharged and has a rated speed of 2700 rpm. The L5740 is started by a 12 volt battery that provides 582 cold cranking amps to the engine. The open operator station model uses a 45 amp alternator to charge the battery, while the model with a cab uses a 60 amp alternator to charge the battery.

The Kubota L5740 uses a HST Plus hydrostatic transmission to bring power from the engine to the wheels. This transmission operates over 3 ranges (Hi, Med, Lo) which means that it doesn’t require much gear changing, allowing the operator to direct his concentration on to other activities. This hydrostatic transmission gives the L 5740 a top speed of 25.9 kph (16.1 mph) going forwards and in reverse it has a top speed of 23.3 kph (14.5 mph) which is almost just as fast.

The Kubota L5740 compact utility tractor has a minimum turning radius of just 2.8 m when the 4WD mode has been turned off and the wet disc brakes are being used. If you are looking for less powerful machines that are similar to the L 5740, then you should strongly consider checking out the Kubota L4740, Kubota L5040 or even the Kubota L5240 tractors. The weight of the tractor with an open operator station comes to 1770 kg (3902 lbs), while with a cab it tips the scales at 1920 kg (4233 lbs).

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One Review of the “Kubota L5740”

  1. bob baker says:

    i loved this model for 5 years but now they suck.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: i have been using kubota for 7 years now because i think they have had a great machine untill now. nothing good to say about the new 5740
    Cons: i bought it new at mesnics in elizbethtown. it is the third new tractor i bought there. my first 5740 had 450 hours on it and never hade a problem. i loved everything about it. so i bought another new one, excatly the same. it has been in the shop 4 times. i would drive down the road and the tractor would run off the road. they said it was the steering pump. they picked it up and replaced it. after 2 hours it happened again. they put another one on. then the first cold morning it wouldnt start. it always smoked real bad when it started up like it had a lot of raw fuel but it wouldnt start. later it started. thay said the relay wasnt letting enough voltage to the glow plugs. they picked it up and fixed relay. still smoked like a feen and only hit on a few cylinders. they came and got it again and said they would adjust the timing. they did, and it still only hits on a few cylinders and smokes really bad. i asked for a new tractor. they said i would have to wait untill something else went wrong befor ehe would talk to kubota to see how much money i would lose trading in at 25 hoours. i hate my tractor. i dont truct kubota. i was told since it is teer 3 it will have a little harder time warming up. i thinks is bs. dont waste your money on kubota. if i could find another 57 horse tractor with hydrostat i would buy it

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