Kubota L3800

The Kubota L3800 is very similar to the Kubota L3200, but it is slightly bigger and more powerful. The L3800 is powered by a 3 cylinder diesel engine. This engine has a total displacement of 1.826 liters and is a 4 stroke. The engine is prevented from overheated thanks to a liquid cooling system and is aligned vertically. The motor in the L 3800 has a rated speed of 2800 rpm. It’s maximum power output 37.4 hp, while the PTO has a maximum measured power output of 31.5 hp. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery that produces 470 cold cranking amps and is recharged by a 45 amp alternator.

There is a choice of transmission on the Kubota L3800 compact tractor. Some choose the gear shift transmission that gives the tractor 8 speeds when traveling forwards and 4 when it’s reversing. This gives the L3800 a top speed of 21.2 kph (13.2 mph). The other gearbox choice is a hydrostatic HST transmission. This transmission gives the tractor infinite speeds over 3 ranges. It allows the tractor to achieve a max speed of 22.7 kph (14.1 mph) when traveling forwards. The engine also powers the hydraulic system on the tractor which control the rear hitch. This rear 3 point hitch is a category 1 model that has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 906 kg (1998 lbs).

The Kubota L3800 compact tractor has a choice of chassis (either 2WD or 4WD) when you are purchasing it brand new. The 2WD chassis has a slightly smaller minimum turning radius of 2.4 m, while the turning radius of the 4WD model is 2.5 m. The L 3800 can accommodate both a Kubota LA524 front end loader and a Kubota BH77 backhoe on top of rear mounted two stage snow blowers and rotary tillers. Most people who have owned or used this tractor have found it to be easy to operate and a useful compact. If you would like to leave a review, then please do so below.

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