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The Kubota BX25 compact tractor is a relatively new model from Kubota, it started production in 2009. Like nearly all Kubota tractors, the BX25’s engine is made by Kubota themselves. It’s a D902 diesel engine with an engine size of 0.9 liters. This features a liquid cooling system that needs 2.6 liters of coolant to make sure that the engine does not overheat. The air intake for the engine uses a dual paper element air filter. The 3 cylinder engine has a power output of 23 hp. The engine needs to be topped up with oil to make sure that it contains roughly 2.7 liters of oil at all times to ensure proper lubrication. The 12 volt battery that is used to start the engine is charged via a 40 amp alternator.

The tractor uses a hydrostatic transmission that gives the Kubota BX25 2 ranges of gears, one high, the other low. In high gear, the tractor has a maximum speed of 8.4 mph while in low drive, the maximum speed is 3.7 mph. The fuel capacity of the BX 25’s is 25 liters (6.6 US gallons) of diesel. The tractor uses a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis which gives the tractor extra control on rough or unsteady ground. The tractor slows down and stops using wet disk brakes, while it uses hydrostatic power steering to make controlling the machine relatively easy.

The category 1, 3 point hitch on the Kubota BX25 has a rear lift capacity of 449 kg (992 lbs). There are also a number of attachments that work flawlessly with the BX 25. The Kubota LA240 loader has a bucket width of 1.21 m (48 inches) and quickly fits onto the front of the machine. The Kubota BT601 backhoe attaches to the rear of the tractor and enables it to become a mini-digger almost instantaneously. The backhoe itself is quite heavy weighing in at 279 kg (617 lbs).

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10 Reviews of the “Kubota BX25”

  1. Mike Soreback says:

    Did a great job of digging out stumps, digging out stones/rocks and grading our road. It mowed heavy weeds and grass with ease. But it just beat you up. It was extremely rough riding. The seat would not smooth out any of the bumps. If you are going to lots of mowing with this tractor get a chiropractor on retainer.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Did everything great. Why did I get rid of it. Read on…
    Cons: It mowed my 4 acres beautifully but…. It beat the tar out of me. If you drove over a dime you would feel the bump.
    Attachments: Backhoe, frontend loader, belly mower back blade.
    Modifications: None

  2. Dannie Kemp says:

    Lots, tip prone, bounce prone, front tires easily damaged but I love the hydrostatic drive. Good unit for the money, it does most of what I ask on this 50 acre tree farm.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Great little tractor. Wonderful for tight spaces, ie trees. Manueverable, good for the light stump or moving yard dirt.
    Cons: Brakes are horrible. If you are on a hill and accidentally knock this tractor out of gear it will kill you before you can do a reach back to the brake which is very difficult to if not impossible to adjust per manual.
    Front end loader has good capicity for size but not much lift capability. It has very little person suspension and thus will beat you to death.
    Attachments: Belly mower, front end loader, back hoe attachments. Wish I had a top, or at least an umbrella.

  3. Joe says:

    I use this for everything! Snow removal, material handling, footing trenches, small stump removal, grading, personal property use only, but I work it as hard as I can. I’m a happy camper although as a perfectionist, it bothers me that I put a couple of dings on it.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: Great machine for tight spaces and small property in which a commercial grade machine is necessary. Does what it should. I actually love it !!!!
    Cons: Front tires always go flat, flashers come on by themselves at times, faulty rear tail light socket, had to tighten throttle handle from not staying put, bolt under hood fell off and is lost, fuel gauge not reliable and sometimes doesn’t work.
    Attachments: Backhoe thumb & landscape rake
    Modifications: Added a bolt-on cutting edge (Still lifts a heaping pile of 3/4 stone no problem), Added LED work lights to ROPS, added optional toolbox.

  4. !MARINE says:

    It appears to be small frustrating stuff – lights coming on by themselves, hazard lens replacement, frequent service intervals, etc. that are the most frustrating. Engine, transmission and implement reliability are good, but they need to fix the small stuff.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Very tough hard working machine. Powerful enough to do most small farm (55 acre) chores. Hoe, loader, rotary cutter, rake all do what you ask – rotary cutter will cut whatever you can drive over (brush, trees, vines, etc.). Hoe powerful enough to lift front end off ground. 4WD keeps going through just about anything. Front loader requires rear implement (hoe, cutter) to keep balanced with loads. Super fuel economy even when worked hard. Overall satisfaction tempered by small items (see “Cons” below).
    Cons: Tail light housing could be stronger – you loose the amber lenses in brush/small branch impacts. Hazard/turn lights come on unexpectedly/can’t turn off – caused by rain on dash – problem appears to be faulty design/poor water proofing of dash. Have to disconnect battery to stop hazard lights. Have been woken up twice at about 3:00 am by the hazards flashing themselves.
    Attachments: Back hoe, front loader, rotary cutter, tiller and rock rake.
    Modifications: None.

  5. Bill says:

    The tractor is awesome, I have friends that do repair work on water lines ,that like its power and maneuverability in small areas.. ie: back yards that they bought one also along with their bigger Kabota.
    I have one complaint it could use a tad but more power on the front end loader. This not only with the bx25 but with most tractors of various companies.Have not figured that out yet..Si if anyone from Kubota reads, you need to fix that…

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: I use it for landscape projects, so the maneuverability , size and power is perfect for that small yard. Not to mention the big ones also. The backhoe is perfect for those hard to get to projects. I tackle all sorts of jobs in the landscape field, also using it a the hunt club,to bush hog, repair roads,till fields….. I bought all landpride attachments, extremely satisfied. I have to remember that it is a compact, not a big tractor… You could not tell with bx25 it takes on more than you think……
    Cons: I found nothing wrong with size tractor.
    Attachments: I have a backhoe, scrape blade, box blade , bush hog, Roto Tiller,landscape rake.

  6. Calvin Miles says:

    This is my first Kubota, however 4 years ago, at work, we needed a helicopter backhoe to investigat the ground conditions along a 1300 km power transmission line. We rented a BX 24 for several months and flew it the entire distance by helicopter to obtain the information. Summary – over 400 hours of operation, maintenance at 50 hours, 200 hours and 400 hours, no break downs, some damage to the clearance lights and plastic bonnett due to snaging in the tall trees.

    Year of Manufacture: 11
    Pros: This is an almost perfect small estate tractor. Great power for the small jobs. Call in the big boys for the big ones. Mowing, moving around gravel, small boulders, ploughing my vegetable garden, moving boulders, digging post holes in the super hard, bouldry, glacial till in this region is what this machine is built for. My wife is starting to use it to tend her shubbery and many flower beds.

    My back propety is about 5 m above the general elevation of the side and front yards. The BX can pull my trailer with about 4000 lbs of fencing material up a very steep grade at the edge of its capability. This is awesome for this size of machine.

    Cons: Totally personal – It does the small jobs with ease, so I have to watch it when asking the machine to tackle bigger jobs. You have to remember that the BX25 is only 2600 lbs with hoe and loader, otherwise I tackle jobs that are obvisously beyond its capability, such as, removing a maple stump that, when turned up by hurricane Igor, the upturned roots were about 1 m over the roll cage. It did the job, however, the hydraulics stopped a few times.
    Attachments: rear finish mower
    catergory 1, 3 point hitch
    bottom plough
    moldboard plough
    disk harrow
    spike tooth harrow
    tow behind MTG tiller with seperate engine
    Modifications: None to machine itself, however adapted Farmall quick hitch impliments to fit on a cheap tow bar bought from Princesss Auto for 30 bucks.

    Before I purchased the BX, I was running a 1959 Cub. Almost flawless realizing its limitations, but becoming a little bit unreliable.

  7. John Tsakiri says:

    Have used tractor around property and neighborhood, has done a lot of work with no problem.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Front loader, backhoe work great, the machine has done everything I asked it to doat this point. Tractor runs and works great, no problems, small to get to tight areas. Everyone impressed with machine after seeing it.
    Cons: none at this point
    Attachments: front loader
    54” mid mower
    Modifications: added pair of driving lights to ROP
    added trickle charger

  8. Basil says:

    Best Kubota has ever made

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Well built , gets onto tight spots other tractors cannot, has brut power for it’s size.back hoe powerful,fel works it’s heart out. Hydraulics good.
    Cons: Reversible seat could be easier
    Attachments: Fel.back hoe,tiller,bush hog,box scrape,blade scrape.

  9. Vince says:

    Very usefull tractor but not totally impressed with the engineering on the power plant.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Backhoe is good for small dig jobs, not for digging large stumps or deep holes.
    Front loader is adaquate for around the home mulching, moving dirt but not for escavating type tasks.
    Cons: OVer heats easily, There was a recall on the fan/shroud and ever since it was replaced it have overheated. I cannot cut tall grass without it getting hot!
    Attachments: Have 60inch plow, 60inch mow deck, backhoe and front loader.

  10. 2H FARMS says:

    does good job when you can get it started and keep it running. has 61 hours and been returned twice for corrections.

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: Works well all around when running.
    Cons: Needs agri tires, fuel gauge malfunctions, under seat safety switches annoying, won’t start unless jumped off with metal screwdriver on solenoid, front tires won’t hold air.
    Attachments: backhoe loader
    Modifications: top

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