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The Kubota B7000 garden tractor was manufactured by Kubota way back in the seventies. It is powered by a Kubota manufactured Z650-2 engine that runs on diesel. This 2 cylinder engine gives the B7000 a maximum power output of 14hp and has a displacement of 0.64 liters. This engine is built into a choice of chassis. The first choice is a 4×2 two wheel drive chassis. While the second choice is a much sturdier and easier to control 4×4 MFWD four wheel drive chassis.

The Kubota B7000 is quite a classsic tractor as it uses a mechanical transmission. This transmission gives this small garden tractor 6 speeds when traveling in a forward direction but only 2 when for when it’s reversing. The wheelbase for this tractor is 1.23 m (48.4 inches) and it’s width measures 0.9 m (35.4 inches). The length of the tractor without any implements attached to the back is 1.99 m (78.3 inches). These dimensions mean that the B7000 is a very steady tractor, especially when you factor in it’s height of 1.16 m (45.7 inches). The total weight of this plucky little lawn tractor is 475 kg (1047 lbs) which may actually seem like quite a lot, considering it’s engine only provides 14 hp.

Luckily though, the Kubota B7000 has a category 1, 3 point hitch, which means that it is able to work with a very large range of useful attachments. These include many types of mower decks, rollers, aerators, harrows, log splitters, sprayers, diggers. On the front of the tractor it can also take a snow blade to clear your driveways in cold, icy conditions. The wheels on the B7000 resemble the tires you would normally find on a farm tractor which means that if you do plan on using this machine around the garden just make sure that you don’t use it after it’s been raining when the ground is soft. Otherwise you may leave very visible thread marks on it.

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