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The Kubota B3030 compact utility farm tractor is one of Kubota’s newer models. It gets it’s power from a V1505-E2-D2, 4 cylinder engine. This diesel engine has a power output of 30 hp from it’s 1.5 liter engine. The engine is prevented from overheating via a liquid cooling system. To fully fill the cooling system from empty, you need to fill it up with 4.4 liters of coolant. The air intake is purified using a dual paper element air filter to prevent the build up of dust and other small particles in the combustion chambers of the engine. The engine power is routed to the wheels via a hydrostatic transmission box. This type of transmission gives the tractor infinite gears over 3 different ranges.

Although the Kubota B3030 is a relatively small compact tractor, it uses hydrostatic power steering to aid the operator in keeping control of the vehicle. Control is further increased through the use of wet disk brakes. The capacity of the fuel tank is 30.7 liters (8.1 US gallons) of diesel.

The Kubota B3030 is compatible with a large range of attachments attached to the tractor via it’s category 1, 3 point hitch. The rear lift capacity of the 3 point hitch is 970 kg (2140 lbs) meaning that although the tractor is quite small, it can work with pretty large and heavy implements and attachments. The tractor comes with a choice of either a rollbar (ROPS) or a cab as standard. The Kubota B3030 is much lighter if only a roll bar is attached, weighing just 840 kg (1852 lbs), but with the cab it weighs a good bit more at 1030 kg (2271 lbs). The wheelbase of the tractor is 1.66 m (65.6 inches) while it’s 1.36 m (53.8 inches) wide. The length of the machine varies depending on whether it’s built with a cab or roll bar. With a cab, it measures 2.63 m (103.9 inches), while with a roll bar it measures slightly less at 2.51 m (99.2 inches) in length.

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