John Deere X300

The John Deere X300 lawnmower first entered production at JD’s assembly plant in Horicon, Wisconsin. It first started rolling off the production lines in 2006 and is the smallest model in the JD X300 series of lawn mowers. If you are looking for something a little bigger, then you should have a look at either the John Deere X304 or the John Deere X320 lawnmowers. The John Deere X300 is powered by a Kawasaki FH491V gasoline engine. This 2 cylinder engine has a displacement of 0.5 liters and produces 17 hp. It is air cooled and is started via a 12 volt battery.

The John Deere X300 ride on lawn mower transfers power to it’s wheels via a hydrostatic transmission. This is a real time saver during operation as there is no gear changing needed to speed up or slow down. Instead you just need to press the pedals (reverse or forward) harder or softer to speed up or slow down. The JD X300 lawn mower is built on a 4×2 2WD chassis which gives it a very small turning radius of just 0.4 m (1.3 feet).

The John Deere X300 lawnmower is still a big machine even though it’s the smallest model in the JD X300 series of mowers. It weighs in at 227 kg (501 lbs) and measures 1.82 m (72 inches) long. It has a width of 0.96 m (38 inches) and is 1.09 m (43 inches) high at it’s highest point from ground level. The X300 uses very wide lawn wheels so as not to leave marks even on very soft lawns. Each front wheel has a width of 0.15 m (6 inches) while each rear wheel has a width of 0.25 m (10 inches). This is a fantastic garden tractor as you can use it for more than just cutting your lawn; it can also accommodate a range of attachments from snow blowers to blades.

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9 Reviews of the “John Deere X300”

  1. Shaji Varghese says:

    I bought it used with just 68 hours on the meter. I did some research (after I bought it – should have done the research before. LOL) and found that the K46 tranny was its Achilles heel. After reading about this in various forums, I replaced the K46 with a K66Y tranny. I sourced it from Surplus Center – an online outfit. It has been two years since I did this. The tractor is working beautiful. Hope to keep it for a long time.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: None
    Cons: K46 Tranny
    Attachments: 48 inch deck
    and 25 gallon sprayer
    Modifications: Replaced the K46 with a K66Y tranny

  2. Steve Tiedeman says:

    Not happy with belt braking. Deere won’t admit bad deck design. After 4th belt broke this year, bought husky mower instead.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014

  3. john milde says:

    it has been great for 11 years. have concern about K46 trans

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: easy to use reliable great motor great color
    Cons: side hill traction covering on seat difficult to unclog chut to bagger can not change trans. fluid
    Attachments: mulch kit,bag kit ,cover

    • Bob Ashley says:

      The K46 transmission on the X300 is Junk. John Deere knows there is a problem but ignores it. With only 85 hours it won’t go up a typical Pennsylvania grade. I have since learned from other web sites that this is a common problem. On one web site they are forming a class action law suite against JD.

      Year of Manufacture: 2016

  4. John Whacker says:

    This is quite simply the best lawn tractor you can buy. Well made, great warranty model has been around a while. There is a reason why this tractor is rated top tractor by consumer reports. If you are a fan of solid well-built tractor, you have to test drive this tractor. You will pay a bit more than the box store tractors like MTD’s Cub Cadet, but unit is far superior in every conceivable way

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: Well-made tractor, quiet engine, comfortable seat ,feels solid and gives a great cut to grass
    Cons: none I can think of
    Attachments: Use thatcher and Bagger– bagger is best in class

  5. Darrel Breaux says:

    The first 4 years was very good! Although, not very good for now, til someone with John Deere contacts us to resolve this problem. You would think with the money spent we would get better results out of this product. We also found out there is a defect on this model and has been an issue for sometime!!!!!! As of now we are not very happy with John Deere after experiencing this.

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: Ran fine for 4 years then starting having issues.
    Cons: Starting having issues with belt shredding and coming off, within 1 month of repair the problem occurred again. At this time we are contacting John Deere to resolve this issue we are continuing to have, will post results.

    • David says:

      after 5 years of mowing my mower belt kept braking or would come off. Deck looked OK so I replaced belt and it again came off, This time I took the mower to the local JD dealer to be fixed. Dealer replacedpullys and after 3 cuttings the belts came off. Called the JD dealer and they sent out a mobile mechanic. Right away he found out the problem. The deck where the pully bolts on was bent this was caused by me hitting tree roots. The mechanic aligned the bent deck and it has worked now for 1 year.

      Year of Manufacture: 2013
      Pros: cuts well
      Cons: dealer workmanship
      Attachments: none
      Modifications: none

  6. Dave Weeden says:

    Great for use on my slightly hilly 3/4 acre lot. I like the cut quality. Has been reliable for 3 cutting seasons (as of August 2012). I would recommend this unit to anyone who asks.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Plenty of power
    Great cut
    Cons: Blades disengage in reverse unless pot handle is pulled up
    Attachments: Bagger
    Modifications: None

  7. Mark Stuart says:

    Great! Highly recommended for grass cutting and light duty yard tractor chores.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: It’s great! Heavy duty for my 1+acre hilly lot. Durable, fast enough, ease of use.
    Cons: Don’t care for the blades disengaging when reversing (but I made a work around for this any way).
    Attachments: Lawn mower
    Modifications: none

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