John Deere Mid Z-Trak 757

The John Deere Mid Z-Trak 757 zero turn lawn mower is slightly more powerful than it’s little brother, the John Deere Mid Z-Trak 737 thanks to it’s 25 hp engine. This 25 hp engine is gasoline powered and uses a full pressure lubrication system. The engine is kept cool and prevented from over heating thanks to an air cooling system. The JD 757 is keystarted using a 12 volt battery. The air intake passes through both a canister air filter with a foam pre cleaner to make sure that it’s free from dust and other particulate matter before it enters the engine.

The engine powers the mower deck on the John Deere Mid Z-Trak 757. This mower deck has a cutting width of 60 inches. It is fabricated from a single piece of 7 gauge steel which means that it has far fewer points of potential failure when compared to a similar welded or bolted deck. Each mower blade housed in the deck has a diameter of 21 inches. These blades are belt driven. The mower deck is raised and lowered in small 0.25 inch increments. The lowest operating height of the deck comes in at 1.5 inches above the ground, while it’s highest operating height is 5 inches above the ground. On both the leading and trailing edges of the deck, there are small plastic anti scalping wheels attached. These force the floating mower deck to follow the contours of the ground and prevent it from catching the ground.

The fuel tank on the John Deere Mid Z-Trak 757 has a capacity to hold up to 36 liters (9.5 US gallons) of gasoline. The JD 757 is slowed from it’s top speed of 15.3 kph (9.5 mph) using a twin lever dynamic braking system. Other zero turn models available from the team at JD include the John Deere Mini Z-Trak 717A and the John Deere Mini Z-Trak 727A lawnmowers.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere Mid Z-Trak 757”

  1. Wayne Prince says:

    Overall, satisfied with the mower, but cost of parts and service outrageous at dealerships. Also, it is costly for fuel as it does drink heavy.

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Easy starting, responsive handling, stable on hills, reliable, smooth
    Cons: Expensive to have serviced and repaired, especially at J.D. dealerships.

  2. PaPa Bill says:

    works good just need a big bank account to keep it going, for a comerical mower it’s a pice of junk.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: nice mower to operate
    Cons: Most expensive mower in the world, engin had to be replaced at 300 hrs, have 1100 hours on it now and just put the third drive clutch on it at a price of $355. I will never buy another John Deere

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