John Deere LA110

The John Deere LA110 is a part of the the 100 series that was only manufactured for just one year in 2007. It was built in JD’s Horicon facility in Wisconsin, USA. If you are looking for a similar model that is slightly less powerful, then check out the John Deere LA100. However if you are looking for something more powerful, then check out the John Deere LA120 lawn mower. The JD LA110 is powered by a 19.5 hp, 1 cylinder, gasoline engine that is designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This engine is 30 cubic inches in size (0.5 l) and uses paper and foam elements to filter the air intake before it goes into the combustion chamber. The engine is started by a 12 volt battery. This battery is charged by 9 amp alternator. The engine requires up to 1.4 liters of oil to stay properly lubricated.

Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels by a hydrostatic transmission giving it unlimited gears in both forwards and reverse. The mid-mounted mower deck that comes with the John Deere LA110 as standard has a cutting width of 1.06 m (42 inches). The mower deck needs to be manually adjusted from just 1 inch off the ground to up to 4 inches off the ground.

The total weight of the machine comes to 204 kg (450 lbs) which is reasonably light for a ride on lawnmower. It has a wheelbase of 1.24 m (49 inches) and a width 1.31 m (52 inches) which makes it incredibly steady on the ground easily allowing the John Deere LA110 to tackle hills and inclines. Without attachments, the length of the JD LA110 comes to 1.74 m (69 inches). Unfortunately John Deere don’t make this model anymore, however it is a highly recommended secondhand mower if you can get your hands on one.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere LA110”

  1. Tommy L says:

    What’s great until the rear went.

    Year of Manufacture: 2006
    Pros: Runs great
    Cons: Rear is shot. Cost more to replace then to buy a new one. Seems to be a problem with a lot of them! Never excepted this from a Deere. I would never buy another one.
    Attachments: Bagger
    Modifications: None

  2. fmdualexhaust says:

    Very happy with this machine and the cut after discovering the JD leveling tool for the deck.
    Usual maintenance keeps it going.
    Still has the original belts on it.

    Year of Manufacture: 7
    Pros: Is exceptional at what it was built to do which is mowing lawns.
    Cons: None that I can think of. !st battery lasted 7 years.
    Seat now has a small crack in it which at this age is OK.
    Attachments: 42″ edge mower
    Tow behind roller, dethatcher, aerator
    Modifications: 2 koozies around the can to fit the cup holder.

  3. Lou G says:

    I’m extremely happy except that maintenance is a pain as I can no longer do on my own. I have to pay big bucks to have it serviced.

    Pros: Just a good mowing machine.
    Cons: Battery life.
    Attachments: Added the mulching attachment; works great. No clogging.

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