John Deere GT225

The John Deere GT225 enjoyed a production run of 4 years from 1999 when JD first started making it until production shut down in 2003. All production took place in the JD’s plant located in Horicon, Wisconsin. Larger models in the GT series include the John Deere GT235 and the John Deere GT245 lawnmower. The JD GT225 gets all of it’s power from a Kohler 1 cylinder, overhead valve engine. This Kohler CV15S has natural aspiration and is air cooled. The engine gives this John Deere lawn mower 16 hp in power to perform more tasks than just mowing your lawn.

Like practically all John Deere lawnmowers built during the nineties and beyond, the John Deere GT225 uses a hydrostatic transmission to drive the wheels via Twin Touch pedal technology that is trademarked by JD. These pedals mean there is no gear changing, even between forwards and reverse. Instead you have a forward pedal and a reversing pedal, that’s it! The transmission requires over 1 US gallon of transmission fluid to operate efficiently (4.4 liters to be exact).

The frame that the John Deere GT225 is built on is a fully welded 4X2 2WD chassis. The JD GT225 weighs in at a reasonable 252 kg (557 lbs) while it is fairly long for a JD lawnmower at 1.82 m (72 inches). There are a number of mower decks that it’s compatible with, a 38 inch mower deck as well as 42 and 38 inch mowing decks. You will also be glade to know that this lawn mower is more than just a ‘lawn mower’. This is thanks to a large range of attachments available from JD, such as snowblowers, snow blades, front blades, rotary tillers, front thatchers as well as many other useful tools that can attached to the back of the machine you will find this machine incredibly versatile around your property.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere GT225”

  1. Doug Edge says:

    This is my third John Deere to own I love it and the ease of use I highly recommend the John Deere riding mower tractors.

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: great cutting mower very little maintenance

  2. martin mcgrogan says:

    Used l season, love it overall. Great quality performer

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: Solid, quick starting, dependable, strong transaxle, accurate steering, good tires and traction. Mows smoothly with good blade speed. Bright headlights, economical and generous gas capacity. Love the deck height system even more than a hydraulic option because it returns deck to the height settings when the lift lever is brought back down.
    Cons: Could use 2 more horsepower when grass is very high and lush. The safety feature which shuts off blades in reverse is a genuine nuisance and must be defeated or you will be driven insane. Plastic grille and hood are pricey and easily broken at fastener points.
    Attachments: 42C deck. Good quality and function. Greasable spindles
    Modifications: I mechanically defeated the reverse safety switch at the linkage near trans.

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