John Deere Gator HPX

The John Deere Gator HPX 4x4is a high performance utility vehicle used not just in the farming industry but on construction sites, golf courses, equestrian centers and any terrain that requires a strong and robust vehicle with more power than your regular ATV. You can currently get a Gator HPX with either a diesel or petrol/gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is a 20 hp, liquid cooled, Kawasaki, 4 stroke, 2 cylinder engine. It has 2 speeds: the first is for towing and is just 12 mph while the second gear is for quicker transport of light loads and can reach 25 mph. The diesel engine is a bit a bit bigger: it’s a 0.85 liter engine, while the gasoline one is 0.62 liter. The diesel engine has been manufactured by Yanmar and is a 3 cylinder, 4 stroke engine.

What’s great about both the diesel and gasoline models of the John Deere Gator HPX is that they both feature a very sturdy roll cage, called the ‘Occupant Protection System’ that features multiple grab handles to hold in case of accident as well as full three point seat belts so that in the off chance that something does go wrong, you won’t be thrown out of the Gator. The JD Gator HPX also has a number of really cool and advanced features that makes it totally awesome when compared to the competition; They have given it a new steering system, dubbed ‘Smooth Steer Technology’ that almost completely reduces steering effort, particularly in 2 wheel drive.

Many users of the John Deere Gator HPX particularly appreciate the fact that there are 2 different sets of tires available for it. One set to handle difficult terrain and another that is particularly easy on grass and so leave very few threadmarks. The Gator HPX measures 2.87m (113 inches) in length while it’s 1.51m (59 inches) wide. When it’s fully fueled up to it’s operating weight, it weighs in at 589 kg (1296lbs). As with all Gators, the HPX has 2 seats. You can safely tow 590kg (1300lbs) or take a payload of 635kg (1400lbs) without voiding the warranty.

Like many Gators from times gone by, the John Deere HPX Gator has a number of attachments including sprayers, utility carts, winches, blades and snow blades as well as many smaller attachments to make your operation experience easier

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