John Deere F525

The John Deere F525 lawn mower is a little different than other lawnmowers produced by JD. Rather than having the mowing deck mounted below the middle section, the F525 has it’s mowing deck forward mounted. It’s mounted in front of the steering wheel, hence the ‘F’ in the name.

The JD F525 comes with a John Deere built and designed 4 stroke, 1 cylinder engine which is air cooled and boasts a 17hp engine with an oil capacity that clocks in at just over 4 liters. The fuel tank can hold 2.75 US gallons of petrol (or 10.4 liters). The best aspect of the John Deere F525 lawn mower is it’s huge 48 inch mower deck, which makes it fantastic for tackling large areas (that’s 10 inches bigger than it’s little brother the F510 which clocks in at 38 inches).

One of the major gripes people have with the JD F525 is that it can only hit 5 mph going forward. This is mainly to keep to mowing deck stable on uneven ground. So while it does have a very large mowing deckĀ  at 48′, it can be frustrating if you have to cut a large flat area like a golf course or football field. In cases like these you may find that opting for a regular mower like the John Deere 318 is a good idea.

While many people like the innovative design of the F525, they often found that it had it’s fair share of problems too and that there are much better John Deere lawn mowers available even if their cutting width was far smaller. Many people believe that the John Deere F series of lawn mowers paved the way for future generations of John Deere ZTR mowers that were better designed and obviously had a zero turn radius.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere F525”

  1. robert sorensen says:

    i really like it for most mowing, some places it seems too “fragile” to mow

    overall it mows better than any of the JD tractor style mowers that I have used, and the offset front mount can do a better job than a zero turn in some places

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: turns short, mows great, front mower can do things that a conventional mower can not
    Cons: mower needs to raise higher, deck needs to be easier to remove

  2. t larson says:

    When and if mine ever wears out, I’ll be looking for another one just like it.

    Year of Manufacture: 1993
    Pros: mows well, fast, very manueverable. My mower has 800 hrs, mows like new. Deck in excellent shape.
    Heavy blades will NOT bend.
    Cutting height very easy to change (10 seconds).
    I mow 1 1/2 acres… live in central NC. Takes me one hour and 10 minutes, including trimming (which I can DO with this mower).
    Gas tank holds enough gas (2.5 gal) for me to mow yard twice with some left over.
    Cons: Parts are expensive unless you search out after market parts.
    Plastic body not durable. Mine is patched many times with fiberglass on the back-side.
    Attachments: Grass catcher works well, but not nearly as durable as the mower way too expensive.

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