John Deere D130

The John Deere D130 is quite a big step up from the John Deere D120 in terms of engine size, although it’s still not quite as big of a machine as the John Deere D140. The engine in the JD D130 is a Briggs and Stratton 40 engine. This has an engine size of 0.7 liters which gives the machine 22hp for moving forward and operating the mower deck. Air entering the engine is first filtered through a cartridge air filter before entering the combustion chamber. The engine is air cooled and requires 1.9 liters of oil to make sure that it remains fully lubricated throughout operation. It is started by a 12 volt battery. This 12 V battery is charged by a 9 amp alternator.

Power from the engine on the John Deere D130 is transferred through the 4X2 2WD chassis through a Kanzaki Tuff Torq T40 transmission that means that there is no manual gear changing required. Instead you have infinite forward and reverse speeds. The turning radius of the JD D130 comes in at a very low 0.46 m (18 inches) allowing it to be used efficiently in confined, awkward gardens. You will find that most lawn mowers that have both a small turning radius and automatic transmissions have usually been designed for use in with awkward, uneven gardens that require lots of turning and forwarding and reversing.

The mower deck on the John Deere D130 has a cutting width of 42 inches, although when it’s attached to the machine, it gives it a total width of 1.32 m (52 inches). The total length of the JD D130 when it has no attachments comes to 1.88 m (74 inches). It weighs in at 217 kg (478 lbs) and has a height of 1.17 m (46 inches). If you are interested in learning more about this machine, then check it out on the official John Deere website, by clicking here.

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15 Reviews of the “John Deere D130”

  1. John says:

    Mower cost 2k ad’s another $1400 for the 2 decks I’ve had to purchase now in just under 400 hours. Once the tractor quits on me I will move on to another brand that has a better deck

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: Tractor itself is strong. I have 350 hours on my tractor and it still runs great.
    Cons: Deck. I am now replacing this mower with its 3rd deck. The welds break as a rule. I’ve replaced spindles and pulleys. But its always the deck itself that seems to come apart. They might want to add a welder to your purchase.

  2. John Scarborough says:

    All is well,BUT GAS GAUGE!!!!!!!!!

    Year of Manufacture: 52017
    Pros: Love this tractor’BUT see CONS
    Cons: Fuel gauge stopped working after second fill-up!!! A piece of JUNK!!! My last Deere had sight gauge (could see fuel) JD should put out FREE FIX!! This is not Deere quality!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rock says:

    Runs like a Deere

    Year of Manufacture: 216
    Pros: I now have just over 20 hours on it. I mow 2.5 acers every week. the property is hilly bumpy from mole hills. I it just as strong going up hills as the flat areas thus plenty of power. Mows nicely on flat ground which I have little of. It works the roughest spots with out whining. Wheels don’t toe in as some accuse it. Keep all grease spots greased, and do proper maintenance on it. It will last you for years.
    Cons: Poor placement of the height adjustment. easy to get on but a pain to get off.
    Attachments: 10 trailer
    Modifications: none

  4. TOM EDWARDS says:

    So far I think it’s a great value

    Year of Manufacture: 2016
    Pros: Just bought my D130, I have to say I think it’s great. Very powerful and smooth. Where my old mower would chug threw the thick stuff, the D130 never made a hiccup. I have not had it long enough to comment on the reliability so I will hold mu comments for now.

  5. Cheryl Broussard says:

    Terrible cutting mower…does not give an even cut…chops up your yard…………

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Cons: I purchased this mower from Lowes and I really hate it…I brought the first one back because it was cutting my yard so uneven….I had gaps everywhere……If I made a turn, it dug in to my yard and you could see circles everywhere….I thought something was wrong with that mower so I returned it……And the next one does the same thing….So it has to be the design of the mower… I will return this one also and spend my money on a Poulan like I had before…..This mower is a piece of crap! I would not advise getting it…Wasting your money.

  6. Dave Etherton says:

    Once I understood its oddities, is a very good machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Large engine gives ample power for mowing tough grass while going uphill at full speed. Seat very comfortable. Nice tight turning radius.
    Cons: Small LCD display. Cheap fuel gauge setup; looks like a bobblehead doll. Interlock switch mounting in a cheap plastic clip backed out of the mounting hole and kept the mower from starting until I figured out how to cram it back down into mounting hole. Also, the design of front bumper mounting precludes my leaving the snow blade mount in place year-round. On right side of frame, wire harness is routed immediately below oil drain, so it gets soaked each oil change. Cute. Oil filter is located directly above frame rail, so oil soaks the frame each oil change. Plastic guards on mower deck over spindles unduly restrict access and visibility to the zerk fittings. Zerk fitting for front axle mount is located directly above drag rod at front of mower deck, making it impossible to grease when mower deck is attached. When using high lift blades and rear bagger, you must remove right deflector, so you cannot just mow without the bagger unless you re-install the deflector
    Attachments: Front bumper, rear bagger, rear weights, chains, snow blade.

  7. David Phillips says:

    I’ve always like John Deere equipment and will continue to purchase it when needed. I wuld buy this machine again knowing what I know today.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: The machine is a nice piece of equipment, runs quiet, and has several nice features not typically found on other brands of riding mowers. The water hose attachment for cleaning the mower deck, and the parking brake allowing you to get off of the machine without it shutting down are two great features.
    Cons: There are a few negative issues with the machine: The fuel gage is a micky mouse float indicator rather than a real gage. The bagger chute plugs up when mowing wet or damp grass which is expected with any riding lawn mower without a power assist chute blower. The problem is with the length of the lower chute which is too long to allow me to reach to the bottom to remove plugged grass clippings. This chute section should be shorter and the upper chute longer to allow for grass removal without having to take the entire lower chute off each time it plugs. After about three times of taking it apart, I abscounded with my wife’s little 3 prong hand garden rake and attached it to a 2-ft section of PVC pipe and it worked perfectly for cleaning the chute. The bags have to be removed by lifting them off of a hook in the back of the bag bracket. This is ifficult for a woman to do since the bags tend to get heavy when full…easpecially when the grass is wet. It would be much easier if John Deere would design a rigid sliding support for the bags so that they didn’t have to be lifted off of that hook to remove when full.
    Attachments: Havent used it with attachments so – no comment.
    Modifications: I address suggested modification in the previous paragraph.

  8. scott h. says:

    Love it to pieces. My family has owned John Deere mowers since 1964 and have only had 2 other Deeres to replace the old ones. I am proud to say that i now have one of my own! Love the D-130! Keep up the good work!

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: excellent power for size [D130]. Cuts grass evenly and leaves very little clippings to clump up in yard if you don’t wait and mow when grass gets too tall.Controls are easy to use and placed where you can reach them easily. I mow 3 acres of yard and can mow it all on 1 tank of gas with plenty of gas to spare. Nice tight turning radius for mowing around trees and buildings and that is a plus for also mowing those pesky side ditches. Nice wide stance of wheels also helps in side ditch mowing and on hilly or uneven yards. Engine noise is very minimul for having a 22 hp motor and there is no noticable vibration from that large of motor on that size tractor.
    Cons: Only complaint is that tongue for attachments is too low to ground. i.e.[moving motor boat on trailer to mow around] Hitch is too low for moving it and other utility trailers.
    Attachments: none for now but would like to get snow blower
    Modifications: none

  9. Dave Medvic says:

    First Lawn Tractor, it cut my mowing time in half. I hope the reliability is there that the Deere name carries, looking for longevity so time will tell.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Strong engine, Hydro trans moves smoothly. Deck cuts/mulchs very well with the 3 in one blade. Looks great of course.
    Cons: Reverse is a little slow, has trouble backing up small inclines. It would be nice to have a proper guage on the dash instead of the “fishing bobber” action of the current one, but it does work. HR. LED could be a bigger.
    Attachments: Bagger and Mulch kit. Both perform excellent.

  10. JDSTX75 says:


    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: I love this machine, I bought it because my old John Deere was getting too old for the parts to be found easily. All I can say is that this mower is powerfull, It will cut through 4′ tall grass with ease, and it has that neat deck wash feature. I like the hour meter and when it needs service it will flash. And I like its 42″ deck and it fitted on my truck and in my building with ease. The automatic transmission took some getting used too but I love that feature also. The brush guard that came with it is very strong I chained a log to it and pulled it out of the woods with ease. its easy to maintain i can get to the oil drain and filter easily, I also can get to the grease fittings easily too. The seat is comfortable so after I get done mowing for six hours straight I can still feel my rear end when I get off. The motor is a Briggs & Stratton and It does not give me any trouble, I like the sound it makes when its running, not too loud and not too quiet. This is an excellent machine and i will keep it untill the day i die.
    Cons: I hate the reverse switch, I have stalled that thing out many a time forgetting to push it before i start going in reverse.
    Attachments: Brush Guard

  11. Phil says:

    I hugged the hood when I picked it up from the dealer and can’t believe I considered buying another brand to save $200 bucks. All you hear is the wind when it cuts.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011

  12. M Freeburn says:

    Totally satisfied with the quality, had other cheaper imatations
    in the past, but thier slogan is true- “Nothing runs like a Deere”.
    This machine is worth every nickel. The mower deck wash attachment
    is a good idea. Very small turning radius is ideal for extensively landscaped yards with lots of obstacles- no need to finsh up with a push mower in tight spots.
    Towed a 800lb boat and trailer across my 1 acre UP 1/3 grade with
    ease- quite a nice transmission for something designed to cut grass.
    Predict this machine will last me 20 years, thanks John Deere!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Solid
    No rattles
    Pulling power
    Easy start
    Made in USA
    Cons: small fuel tank
    Attachments: Bagger
    dump cart
    Modifications: none

  13. Jeff Wilson says:

    I use my D130 to mow approximately a quarter acre lawn.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: I like the 22HP engine, provides more than ample power for navigating sloped portions of my yard. I am not upset that the 42-inch deck gets the job done in less time than my old 36-inch mower.
    Cons: My D130 has the gas tank level indicator below and in front of the seat. This implementation uses what I will call a “free floating” fuel tank. When the mower is in use, the tank on my machine bobs around like an apple in a tub of water. Don’t know what JD was thinking when they rigged that up. It seems the tank is destined for damage because of it getting jarred around under the seat. The fuel tank level indicator does not work well either, as I’ve run out of gas twice while mowing my quarter acre lawn.
    Can’t say as I like the hood hinges either. Them seem cheaply made.
    Finally, what is with the front tires bowing out, like JD used a too small of a rim for the tires this mower employs. Lastly, what is up with the hour meter/service indicator display. Could it be any smaller? JD, ?????? Overall, I like the mower.
    Would have purchased a new Cub, but didn’t like a few aspects of its design either. Perhaps customers should have a say in certain design points. JD and others, are you listening?

    I like getting on my JD and getting the job done, despite a few weaknesses in design.

    Attachments: None.
    Modifications: None, but would very much like to see the gas tank issue resolved to my satisfaction. Poor design I think, or it is broken, but I don’t think so.

  14. Tom says:

    Some claim that the D serries is the the cheaper version of an otherwise great tractor. All I can say is that its still a great tractor and I am 100% satisifed.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Solid, no rattles, runs smooth, easy to turn. Absolutely the best riding tractor I’ve ever had. When the tractor is running, it just feels “quality”.

    Even at Lowe’s or Home Depot- only certified tech reps can uncrate and ready for sale. Not true the other brands.

    I bought the Husqvana first – big mistake, not nearly as well built. Apparently the same people who make this, make Craftsman and other lower end tractors.

    Cons: None. I hate that “back-up with the mower on shut-off deal”. Its a pain the arse. Safety first I guess.
    Attachments: 42 inch Mower.

  15. Andy North says:

    Brought the D130 back and was able to find a new LA-135SE ( and saved 200 bucks) no comparison LA series much better built.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: look good
    Cons: The entire D 100 series is a major downgrade from LA series. In an effort to save money JD took a lot of short cuts. Start with hood instead of a brass rod holding hood on ( like LA series) its two plastic pins ( wont last) . Under steering column it was metal on LA series now plastic on D 100 series ( again wont last) tires are poorer quality and not sure what the deal is on front tires—they bow out like rims are smaller- but again not sure it might just be the cheaper tires. In short these D100 series have many short cuts – check out a Sears or Cub Cadet- JD is taking their customers for granted
    Attachments: bagger
    Modifications: n/a

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