John Deere 995 Reversible Plow

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The John Deere 995 reversible plow is produced with a three piece moldboard design. The purpose of this is so that it lessens the amount of maintenance you need to perform on it, allowing you to replace shins that have worn as opposed to the whole bottom. When purchasing the JD 995 reversible plow you have the choice of choosing it with either steel or plastic moldboards. Most people choose steel moldboards but you’ll find that soil is less likely to stick to plastic moldboards.

Many farmers choose the John Deere 995 reversible plow over other models for the simple reason that it comes with a safety trip that allows the moldboard to flip up if it encounters an immovable object in it’s path. you may find this feature on other machines, but what’s really great about this safety tripping device is that you can reset the moldboards from within the tractor without ever stepping outside the cab, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Most people choose the 5 moldboard model when purchasing the John Deere 995 reversible plow, but there is also a 2 moldboard model available for smaller tractors. The JD 995 plow is also self leveling saving additional time for the operator. All in all the 995 is a highly regarded plow. If you are looking for a quality soil turner, then consider this one as it is made by a name that embodies quality and professionalism.

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