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The John Deere 60 is now very much a classic, antique tractor. It superseded the John Deere A before itself being superseded by the John Deere 620. It’s production run only lasted 4 years, when it was manufactured in Waterloo, Iowa, in the USA, but it was nonetheless very popular with well over 55,000 units produced in that short space of time, that’s including the variants of the JD 60 that were built, the 60S, the 60S6, the 60-O, the 60H.

The John Deere 60 was available with many different engines when it was being produced. You had the option of 3 engines; a 2 cylinder, 5.3 liter, gasoline engine, a 2 cylinder, 5.3 liter, all fuel engine or a 2 cylinder, 5.3 liter LP gas engine. All of these engines were produced by John Deere themselves, which was important back then as it guaranteed their quality. The engine had a maximum power output of 41hp. The JD 60 was six speed tractor, that maxed out at 11 mph or 17.7 kph going forward, while it’s one gear in reverse clocked 3 mph or 4.8kph going backwards, giving it a good speed for back then.

Like many earlier models from John Deere, the JD 60 had quite a lot of weight on it, even with only 41 hp of power. It tipped the scales at 2630 kg (5,800lbs) when operating normally with a full tank of pertrol. But once it has been ballasted up, the John Deere 60’s weigh increases up to 3356 kg (7400lbs) which is quite heavy indeed and not something that you would like to have coming over on top of you. Unfortunately for many antique collects, the model 60 that they are looking at is often quite different from it’s original self as it has been modified or had it’s engine upgraded as the years have gone by and parts have become damaged.

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