John Deere 5095M

The John Deere 5095M is one of the more powerful utility tractors from JD, especially when you compare it to the likes of the John Deere 5075M or the John Deere 5083E utility tractors. As you can probably guess from it’s name, the JD 5095M is powered by a 95 hp engine designed and built by John Deere themselves. It is a PowerTech model # M4045. This is a 4 cylinder, diesel engine. The engine is turbocharged and has a displacement of 4.5 liters. The liquid cooling system which stops the engine from over heating has a capacity to hold up to 11.4 liters of water. The pressurized lubrication system holds up to 8.3 liters of oil.

Like most utility tractors in the 5000 series, the John Deere 5095M has a choice of transmissions, 4 in fact. The first choice is a SyncReverser transmission that gives the tractor 16 forward speeds and 16  reverse speeds. The second is the PowrReverser Plus which gives it 32 speeds going forward and 16 for reversing. The third choice is a PowrReverser which gives the machine 16 speeds going forward and 16 in reverse also. The last choice is a SyncShuttle Plus gear box which gives the JD 5095M 12 speeds going forward and 4 for reversing.

On top of this range of gear boxes, there is also a very useful array of attachments and implements that can be used with the John Deere 5095M. These range from snow blowers, backhoes and aerators to rakes, mowers, blades and sprayers as well as many more. If you are the owner or operator of a JD 5095M, then please feel free to leave a review below detailing what you enjoy or dislike about it. Try to be as detailed as possible so as to give other potential buyers an idea of what they should expect form it.

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One Review of the “John Deere 5095M”

  1. terry randall says:

    enjoy using it on the farm

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: very nice tractor. good power
    Cons: rides rough.

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