John Deere 3350

The John Deere 3350 had a good production run that lasted 7 years when it was manufactured in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany. This was from 1986 up until 1993. It came with a John Deere diesel engine as standard. The model number of this engine is 6350 DL008. It’s a 6 cylinder, 5.9 liter engine that pumps out 102 hp, making it quite powerful. The engine is liquid cooled and needs 19 liters of coolant for the cooling system to work efficiently, while the engine has an oil capacity of 11.5 liters. This power is then transmitted to 16 gears going forward and 8 gears in reverse to a choice of chassis, either the 4×2 2WD or a 4×4 MFWD 2WD. This makes the JD 3350 quite a powerful and useful tractor around the farm, capable of many tasks, whether it something light and easy such as using the front end loader or something a lot heaver such as drawing grain or pulling a plow.

The brakes on the John Deere 3350 are wet disc allowing for efficient and safe braking. The hydraulic system on the JD 3350 need 49 liters (12.94 US gallons) of hydraulic fluid inn the 2WD version, while they need 52 liters (13.74 US gallons) in the 4WD version. The category 2, 3 point hitch at the back of the tractor has a rear lift capacity of 4799 kg (10,580 lbs) which allows for almost all heavy implements and attachments that you can think of to be attached to the back of it.

The 2 wheel drive version of the John Deere 3350 weighs in at 5193 kg (11,450 lbs) while the 4 wheel drive version is understandably a little heavier at 5579 kg (12,300 lbs). The wheelbase on the 2WD and 4WD models also differs; the 2WD model has a wheelbase of 2.55 m (100.4 inches) while on the 4WD version, the wheelbase is bigger at 2.58 m (101.8 inches). The length of both models however is the same, coming in at 4.67 m (184 inches). When all is said and done, the John Deere 3350 is a very capable tractor for mid sized farms that need a reasonable amount of pulling power.

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