John Deere 332

John Deere 332 garden tractors were manufactured by the Deere and Company between 1987 and 1992. These tractors belong to the 300 series of John Deere tractors that were produced during the 80s and 90s. These tractors were produced in the Horicon factory of John Deere in Wisconsin. These tractors have the benefit of hand operated hydrostatic transmission along with hydraulic deck lifts. These tractors have been referred as the diesel version of the 318 models due to its similarity with John Deere 318 which had gasoline powered engine. The 332 model used the similar engine like the 330 tractors which it replaced. But several new features were added such as the power steering, left-right breaks and dual hydraulics. These tractors are shaft driven and consist of Onan engines of 16 horse powers.

The John Deere 332 has dual spool hydraulics that helps people in using the optional angle blade and power lift. Open rear frames are present in these tractors. These machines are available with a rear power take-off and a hitch. These things create a new world of utilities. The dual brake pedals present in the tractors help you in turning on a dime or in stopping a revolving tire in order to transfer torque into the tires. The John Deere 332 has a diesel engine of 3 cylinders. These tractors were generally available in the range of $2800 to $4000 when they were being produced. However the price for a second hand JD 332 nowadays will depend completely on it’s condition. Under this series a John Deere loader is also available.

An overview of the John Deere 332 tractor:

  • The diesel engine present in the tractor is manufactured by Yanmar and the model is 3TN66UJ.
  • The engines is 3 cylinder.
  • Bore/stroke for the engine is 2.60×2.62 inches.
  • Displacement is 43.3 ci.
  • The power of the engine is 16 hp.
  • The engine in the John Deere 332 has a liquid cooling system.
  • The quantity of coolant required is 2.9 qts
  • The rated revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine is 3635.
  • Oil capacity of the engine is 3.1 qts.
  • Fuel capacity of these tractors is 4.5 gal.
  • Hydraulic system capacity of these models is 1.25 gal.
  • Mid power take-off for the machine is electric.
  • The chassis of the JD 332 tractors is 4×2 2WD.
  • The tractor has hydrostatic power steering and differential mechanical brakes.
  • The weight of these tractors is around 900 lbs and the wheelbase is 46 inches.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 332”

  1. Michael says:

    Overall has been postiive.

    Year of Manufacture: 90
    Pros: I inherited a 332 from an uncle who bought the 332 new. It was used for mowing and pulling garden implements. Came in real handy for pulling large tree limbs during cleanup after a monster tornado hit the area years back. The tractor was and is still maintained today. The Yanmar engine always starts very easy.

    1) As already mentioned, the engine is great. No real problems other than an injector that leaked a little, but was an easy fix.

    2) No gears to shift. The hydrostatic transmission is fault free and is very smooth operating. Simple to maintain when changing filters and draining and filling fluid. Not very noisy like some other hydros are.

    3) Side panels are easy to take off when maintenance is performed on engine or when cleaning.

    4). Stable on moderate side slopes.

    5) Turning brakes work great and come in handy.

    6) Ample fuel reservoir size. Sips diesel fuel so the tank size is sufficient

    7) Electric PTO clutch is long lasting and takes abuse well.

    8) Overall design is nicely laid out and well contained.

    9) Easy to mount and dismount the tractor.

    10) Dash and instrument cluster is easy to interpret and monitor.

    11) Radiator screen is simple to clean and maintain

    12) Air filter is simple to maintain and replace .

    13) Implements both front and rear are easy to install and remove and adjust

    14) Well designed seat and proper back support.

    Cons: 1) Headlights are not really adequate for total darkness working conditions.

    2) Alternator will fail early if additional lights are installed to supplement lighting.

    3) The u joint on the drive shaft between the engine and transmission is not easy and quick to reach and grease.

    4) The belly screen screw receiving nuts or fittings are easily stripped out which results in the scews being lost as they drop off.

    5) The original mower deck design will not hold up to heavy mowing for very long. Deck bearings fail early causing poor cutting performance. Blades will rotate on an uneven plane thus cutting lower than intended.

    6) Hydraulic output is slow and not high enough, but of course this is probably due to the engineers trying to minimize engine load and drag.

    7) The engine side panels need more than just one bolt to properly secure and to minimize vibration effects which wears the paint down and adds to the clatter/vibration effect of a diesel engine.

    8) The mower blade speed is not high enough, which is exacerbated by the narrow and shallow deck opening and guard that contribute to the mower clogging when cutting wet or thick grass.

    9) The fuel neck fitting/elbow which has a tube connected to drain off fuel that enters the vent is not protected. Is easily broken off and will become brittle if left out in UV light.

    Attachments: 50 inch mower deck

    Rear tiller

    Disc harrow

    Turning plow

  2. Tom Shively says:

    I love the tractor. Other than the above mentioned problems, it will probably outlast me.

    Year of Manufacture: 1989
    Pros: Powerful, well built machine that will do the work of a small utility tractor.Will last for decades if maintained properly
    Cons: If you don’t maintain it, be ready for a lot of trouble with the cooling system and charging issues. Charging system is prone to problems due to bad design.
    Attachments: modle 49 snowblower works OK, but I sped it up with a larger pulley which helped. 50″ mower deck works great with speedup pulley.
    Tractor is not always easy to work on.

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