John Deere 330

There are 2 distinct John Deere 330’s. The most well known is the John Deere 330 diesel lawnmower that JD built in 1986 in it’s Horicon factory in Wisconsin. The other type of JD 330 is the vintage tractor that was built in the 1950’s and has a distinctive, extra large, yellow stripe on the engine hood the goes vertical once it touches the grill. This article will mostly focus on the John Deere 330 lawn mower and will then briefly talk about the classic, antique tractor.

The JD 330 lawn mower is actually John Deere’s first diesel engine in a lawn mower. The engine itself is a Yanmar 3TN66UJ model. It’s a 3 cylinder, natural aspiration, 0.7 liter engine that provides 16 hp to the lawnmower. The Yanmar is liquid cooled and requires 2.7 liters of coolant to fully fill the cooling equipment. The 330 lawn tractor has an infinite number of forward and reverse gears thanks to it’s hydrostatic transmission. The chassis on the 330 is a 4×2 2WD. It has a fuel capacity for 17 liters (4.5 US gallons) of diesel so it can keep on working for a long time before it needs to come in for refueling. The weight of the John Deere 330 lawn mower is 408 kg (900 lbs). It measures 1.76 m (69.5 inches) long and is 1.09 m (43 inches) wide, although depending on the mower deck used, it’s absolute width could increase beyond this. There is also a category 0, 3 point hitch at the back of the mower.

The John Deere 330 tractor is a little different however. This classic tractor came either as a John Deere 330S (standard) version or as the John Deere 330U (Utility) version and came off the assembly line with a 2 cylinder engine installed.

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