John Deere 3130

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The John Deere 3130 is yet another much loved tractor from John Deere manufactured in the sixties from 1961 for just 2 years until production stopped in 1963. It was part of the ‘New Generation’ series of tractors and over 43,000 rolled out of it’s production line in Waterloo, Iowa. Like just about every other popular John Deere model from this time, the JD 3130 was available in a number of different variations: an orchard model which was sleeker than the others and so allowed you to get closer to trees than you would have been able to in a regular JD 3130. But there was also a row-crop, and utility version available.

The John Deere 3130 had a choice of 3 different engines: a John Deere 4 cylinder, 3.3 liter, liquid cooled gasoline engine. A John Deere 4 cylinder, 3.3 liter, liquid cooled LP gas engine. Or a John Deere 4 cylinder, 4.2 liter, liquid cooled diesel engine. These all transferred power through a Syncro-Range, partially synchronized transmission giving a top speed of 14.5 mph. It has 8 forward gears and 3 in reverse. The maximum power available from any engine is 59.4 hp.

The John Deere 3130 has a category 2, 3 point hitch that allows for numerous implements to be attached to the back of the tractor and powered by the PTO. The fuel tank that comes standard with the tractor has a capacity of 109.8 liters (29 US gallons). It’s a reasonably heavy tractor and tips the scales at 2948 kg (6500 lbs) which means that back when this tractor was rolling off the production line, it was classed as a mid to large sized tractor. Today there are still many John Deere 3010’s in existence and operational thanks mainly due to the strong network of tractor enthusiasts who own an maintain them.

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