John Deere 111

It is important that you opt for a good tractor manufacturer instead of going for some brand which does not have the most amazing reputation. In the world of tractor manufacturing, John Deere is the name which instantly comes to our mind.

The John Deere 111 is one of the tractor models manufactured by the company. This model falls in the segment of lawn mowers. The production of this model started in the year 1979 and continued up until the year 1985. As is the case with most of the lawn tractors produced by John Deere, the JD 111 too came at a reasonable price. It was priced at $2,100.

Like most of the other tractors manufactured under the brand name of John Deere, this model too lived up to the expectations of the user and had some really good features. The John Deere 111 has a fuel capacity of 2.5 American gal (9.5 liters). This model is also known to be one of the lightest in its segment when it comes to weight. It weighs in at 470 lbs. As it falls into the lawn segment, this John Deere has a comparatively lesser engine power of 11 HP. However, it is good enough to offer great performances for cutting grass.

The engine of this tractor has been manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. Like most of the other John Deere tractors, this one too runs on gasoline. The JD 111 has got a 1 cylinder engine. One of the highlights of this model is that it has got an electric starter, making it easy for the user to operate.

This tractor is equipped with 1 reverse gear and 5 forward gears. The John Deere 111 was one of the first tractors manufactured, which did not require halting in order to change the front gears making for a smoother lawn mowing experience. The only time it requires halting is while using the reverse gear. The model has got a 4*2 2WD chassis.
Ever since the beginning of its production and sale, the John Deere 111 has been able to perform immensely well as a lawn tractor. Even today, this model is preferred over many others. However, due to the discontinuation of the production of this model, you are only left with an option of buying it as a second hand lawn mower.

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3 Reviews of the “John Deere 111”

  1. Tim says:

    2 years of use no problems. Just routine maintenance.

    Year of Manufacture: 1985
    Pros: Best mower i have owned. Better built than newer mowers.
    Cons: None.
    Attachments: 38 inch mower deck
    Modifications: None

  2. Keith B says:

    I maintained and serviced it religously and it has treated me perfect for 30 years and I am still running it yet today with pride

    Year of Manufacture: 1981
    Pros: very low maintenance, economical, very user friendly, very strong built machine mowed three acres lawn every year three times a week blew snow for four driveways every year. never let me down for a smaller unit It performed flawlessly for 30 years and is still going strong. the key to long life of any machine is to maintain it regularly and use oem parts if needed
    Cons: none
    Attachments: 38 inch mower deck and a 38 inch snow blower
    Modifications: none

  3. Keith says:

    Love mower. Always good. Never let me down. Even sometimes used commercial. Plows and mowes awesome. Always starts in winter.

    Year of Manufacture: 1984
    Pros: Mows great. Always starts, even in winter. Never let me down.
    Cons: Small mower deck. 38 in.
    Attachments: 38 in. mower deck, 42 in. plow
    Modifications: Strobe on fender, all wired in. 2 in receiver welded up.

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