Husqvarna YTH24V42LS

The Husqvarna YTH24V42LS lawn mower is a powerful mid sized model from the team at Husqvarna. However this 24 hp, 42 inch garden tractor lawnmower is a lot smaller than the likes of the Husqvarna YTH24V54XLS and the Husqvarna YTH22V46XLS ride on lawnmowers. The great thing about the YTH 24V 42LS though is the fact that it can handle even very long or wet grass due to all it’s power. It gets this power from a 2 cylinder, Kawasaki FR series engine that is 0.726 liters in size. This air cooled engine transfers it’s power to the wheels using a Tuff Torq transmission system that has a differential lock, allowing it to make incredibly tight turns. It’s minimum turning radius comes to just 16 inches.

As mentioned before the Husqvarna YTH24V42LS lawn mower has a mower deck with a 42 inch cutting width. However the total width of the mower deck is actually a lot bigger coming in at 1.45 m (57 inches). This is mainly due to the large plastic discharge flap at the side that is used to guide the grass waste out the side of the mower deck onto the grass. However the discharge chute can be removed and a Bio Clip mulching plate can be used instead to cut the grass clippings up into a fine mulch that quickly rots and returns it’s nutrients to the soil.

Engaging the blades on the Husqvarna YTH24V42LS tractor lawnmower is very easy and just requires you to simply pull the knob on the dashboard and then to stop them you just need to press it in. You will also notice a set of bull bars acting as a brush guard on the front of the lawnmower which protect it from any major scrapes or scratches. The mower deck on this lawn mower uses 2 small anti scalping wheels which prevent it from scratching into the surface of the lawn.

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2 Reviews of the “Husqvarna YTH24V42LS”

  1. Paul Thomas says:

    What I found it that: By placing soft padding materials on one side of my mower and pulling the machine up on it’s side, I could easily get to all bolts to remove them, and can also have easy access to install the belts again. I can even sharpen the blades in that position too.

    If it were me making that machine today I would install a metal bracket under the rear end cast metal Hydraulic system like a skid plate to protect it! I may do this my self soon at the metal fab man business.

    By the way, If you do not have the front braced bar grill on the front of your machine like mine does, GET IT SOON! You will wish one day you did. I made a small box which I can hang on the front to hold a few more tools like small hammer, small plant prune shears, Small Strong Rope or cable with hooks on each end, screw drivers, knife, and small ratchet set, a few most common wrenches used on this machine, and a crescent wrench, and good big pliers, and medium sized channel locks. I can drive all over this farm and even mend fences with my tool box on front of the machine.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: I have already listed wonderful reasons why this machine is durable and will cut what ever I go through in tall grass. I just take machine a little slower and it does a nice job for me.
    Cons: Well,, after my mishap of hitting a rock and flying over it into a hole I found out what was wrong with it and why I could not get the machine to run forward and backwards, even though the blades and belts stayed on.

    I had broken the metal brackets which the rear end hydraulic system is help to the machine by. Also I had broken off one bolt and left the bottom half of this bolt into the cast metal Hydraulic housing system and also had broken off an ear on that unit that held it to the frame. I had also split and cracked two of the steel metal brackets that the cast metal rear end bolted too also.

    I figured that I would take the machine to the dealership which works on them and gave them a call. I told them about the broken off bottom end of a bolt which needed removed and a new one replacing it. I also told them about the “ONE DOG EAR” cast metal part that broke off that needed to be bolted to the other steel brackets. I had also knocked the rear drive belt off the pulley which goes back on easy.

    The parts department told me I could not just buy the one small cast metal part that was broken and quickly bolt it back onto the rear end again. They said their Hydraulic belt driven rear ends come from Sweden and only come in one big completed piece which would cost me over $700.00 dollars to replace that entire rear end unit as a whole.

    I thought about this for awhile and then took the metal parts down to the metal fab company close to me. He repaired the steel housing metal flaps with a quick weld job. He also made a new dog ear on the cast metal housing, and replaced the very small steel bracket that it attached too with a new produced one. He also pulled the broken bolt from the cast metal housing and gave me a brand new bolt. He charged me: $30.00 for the enhtire job! Not the $700-$800 which the Husqvarna dealership shop wanted to charge me. I now have a wonderful machine again!

    Best to stay away from taller slick grass with hidden rocks in the dark! This can jump you over a bank and into a hole like it did me. But I still love my machine and will not part with it.

    Modifications: 1- Motor cycle horn and horn button on top of hood with easy disconnect wires.
    2- Big side mirrors to help when backing up.

    3- I added a plastic shut off valve in the gas line. This helps to prevent machine from being stolen and also is used when getting ready to store the machine for winter months. Close the valve, run engine until the carburetor is empty and machine stops. Keeps needle valves from getting gummed up with these Ethanol fuels we are forced to use now. At start of grass season open the gas line valve under the hood, use the choke, and engine will start up immediately! Love mine.

    All Fishermen hate Ethanol fuels. Their motors break down at sea and they have to call Coast Guard to come and save them.

    4- made easy to hang and carry tool box that fits over front guard bars. You could even be creative and carry a small battery operated wench and cable system that can help you get out of a ditch like I needed to do a few days ago. Also needed one when I was mowing a trail in woods in my rain forested area and got stuck in damp clay soil.

  2. dennis reiner says:

    nice mower but grass catching blower system must be “babied” I would buy this model again, though Dennis Reiner cell: 269.251.5530

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: nice looking, fairly quiet, very comfortable seating. strong grass catching system for well manicured lawns. (not tall weeds) Dennis Reiner 269.251.5530 cell for more info
    Cons: uneven cut on slopes. i have the $900.00 grass catcher blower kit. extra weight makes for uneven cut. i always keep the discharge side “uphill”. this helps with the uneven cut. i lent this mower to a neighbor with 1 foot tall weed. they totally clogged the deck system due to the fact the grass catching blower system will not handle the long weed stems. totally stretched out my belt. had it replaced: $42.00 for belt. blower system is only good for well manicured grass, not tall weeds. belt was fairly easy to replace. i accidentally hit my steel edging with the blower system discharge chute assembly. that was enough to knock the blower system drive belt off the pulleys. be careful, do not hit the discharge side of the blower system against any trees, edging, obstructions, etc, ets.
    Attachments: $900.00 grass catching blower system
    Modifications: none

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