Husqvarna MZ5226

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The Husqvarna MZ5226 zero turn lawn mower is yet another zero turn mower from Husqvarna that has a 52 inch cutting width. This is just like the Husqvarna iZ5223, the Husqvarna EZ5224 and the Husqvarna LZF5227 zero turn lawnmowers. The main difference between all four of these 52 inch mowers is the engine that powers them. The engine powering the MZ 5226 is a Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series model. This engine has a power output of 26 hp and is a twin cylinder model that keeps everything lubricated and properly oiled using a full pressure lubrication system.

This engine powers the 52 inch mower deck on the Husqvarna MZ5226. This mower deck houses 3 blades within the 11 gauge steel. Each of the 3 blades are identical and measure 18.4 inches long. The mower deck has an operating height that ranges over 3 inches, from a low of 1.5 inches to a high of 4.5 inches above the ground. The deck is raised and lowered using a spring assisted lever. It discharges the cut grass clippings out the right side of the deck in a controlled manner thanks to the large discharge chute that gives the deck a total width of 67 inches. On the leading edge you will notice 2 anti scalping wheels (1 on either side) and a nose roller in the middle. These act to guide the deck smoothly across the lawn while at the same time preventing it from catching the ground and potentially scraping it.

The max speed you can travel on the Husqvarna MZ5226 zero turn mower is 12.9 kph (8 mph), while in reverse it can only manage half of this at 6.4 kph (4 mph). To turn on a dime (i.e. make a complete 180 turn, while staying the same position on the ground), you just need to provide each rear wheel with equal amounts of power, but in opposite directions.

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