Husqvarna LZ6130

The Husqvarna LZ6130 zero turn lawnmower is one of the large commercial machines that is produced by Husqvarna. It’s similar in both size and power to the Husqvarna LZF6127, the Husqvarna PZ6029FX and the Husqvarna PZ6030CV zero turn lawnmowers. The mower deck on the LZ 6130 has a cutting width of 61 inches. While the cutting width is 61 inches, it’s total width is actually 75 inches as there is a very large and long protective (safety) chute on the right hand side of the deck that guides the grass clippings out of the deck and prevents them from flying up into the air. This lawn mower is clearly meant for heavy duty use as the mower deck is made from 7 gauge stamped steel.

This 7 gauge stamped steel is highly unlikely to crack, bend, buckle or break even under the harshest conditions. This is thanks to the fact that there is far less joints or welds to break (when compared to a bolted or welded 7 gauge deck). Attached to both the trailing and leading edges of the deck on the Husqvarna LZ6130 are 6 small anti-scalping plastic wheels. These function to guide the mower deck smoothly across the lawn, without allowing it to ‘catch’ the ground which can result in unsightly scrapes and scars.

The mowing deck on the Husqvarna LZ6130 has a big operating range. It can be raised up to 6 inches above the ground in cases where you are tackling very wet, long or dense grass. But it can also be lowered down to within 1.5 inches above the ground. The LZ 6130 is a really quality machine that tips the scales at 480.8 kg (1060 lbs). Please leave your thoughts on this lawn mower below by leaving a review on it.

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