Craftsman GT3000

The Craftsman GT3000 garden tractor lawn mower is a fairly powerful machine from the team at Craftsman. Sometimes this garden tractor model is known by it’s serial number, the Craftsman 27502. The engine that powers this lawnmower is a twin cylinder from the Kohler Pro range of engines. This engine has cast iron cylinder sleeves and is air cooled. It uses a paper element air filter to prevent dust and other particulate matter from entering into the combustion chambers and clogging them during operation. The engine is gasoline powered. It transfers power to the rear wheels through a hydrostatic transmission. This transmission gives the GT 3000 unlimited speeds going forwards as well as in reverse.

As the fuel tank on the Craftsman GT3000 which supplies the engine is so big, capable of holding up to 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons) it’s quite obvious that this machine is favored among professionals as well as homeowners as it means that it rarely needs to be refilled during operation. The front axle on the GT3000 is made from cast iron which means that it is fairly unlikely to break even if you do happen to subject it to a massive or sudden stresses. The engine on the Craftsman 27502 transfers power to the rear wheels. These are quite large which means that they almost never leave thread marks. They each measure 23×10.5 (23 inch diameter, 10.5 inch width).

The engine on the Craftsman GT3000 is battery started and the whole machine comes with a 2 year limited warranty as standard when you are first buying it (new). This lawnmower is good for cutting lawns that range in size from 0.5 to 4 acres in size. Similar models to this one include the Craftsman GT4000 and the Craftsman GT5000 garden tractor lawn mowers.

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4 Reviews of the “Craftsman GT3000”

  1. G.R. Ronan says:

    Not much of A problem at all! I wish my truck’s and cars held up as good as this tractor!
    I did have to replace the rear tires this year through! Actual Sears tires on it made in the U.S.A.! I should send them to A museum! They still hold air but have no tread left.
    Replaced with Chinesum rubber and I doubt they will last 10 have but at 68 I probably won’t either!!

    Year of Manufacture: 1990
    Pros: I bought this as A reposition by Sears in St. Paul MN. In I believe 1991.
    It has been A solid machine cutting grass at 2 house’s I have owned. I used to use A back blade to move light snow (under 3″) also. I also used the back blade to level the dirt driveway at my first house.
    It has A Kohler 18 h.p. Magnum engine that has never been opened and in fact the original magneto just called out 2 week’s ago. Put in A Chinesium replacement and off it went! Just change oil and filter once A year and you can’t kill this mill!
    Hydro tranny works like new and I have never even changed the filter.
    It could blow up tomorrow and it would owe me nothing.
    The mower deck wore out and I haven’t found A replacement.
    Cons: Can’t think of anything really. Parts, for the most part are still available, so I’ll use it until either I or it drops!
    Attachments: Back blade, roller, dethacher, Swisher pull behind mower,
    Modifications: Backup light, red rear light on left fender, used A large conduit clamp screwed to the hood to hold A folding aluminum picker.( Lot’s of dirty tree’s dropping branches!) 5 gallon pail tied to sleeve hitch to put branches in.

  2. kathryn says:

    functional. not sure i would buy this model. if your terrain is not level this may not be best machine for you.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: durable, i was given this tractor and it has worked well for the most part.
    Cons: Had to replace gas tank, cracked. fairly easy to do yourself. It does not perform well on hills or over any uneven ground as it tends to get stuck and the rear tires just spin. i was unable to use anywhere with the slightest bump as the mower deck would get stuck then when i got off to push it the machine would cut off (safety feature that i am told can be disconnected).

    At present it does not want to start and am having to take it in to figure out if it is the solenooid, the starter, or something else….

    Attachments: pulls a dump cart and a chain drag on FLAT GROUND. does not seem to have the power to pull any load uphill but have to traverse in sections…perhaps due to the age.
    Modifications: .

  3. Sandra Codish says:

    love it.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Attachments: looking for an attachment, snow plow to attached to my Craftsman GT3000.

  4. Curtis M Hermanson says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2002
    Pros: Great mowing and fairly easy to work on. The usual good operators manual with full part breakdown from Sears. Kohler Command Pro engine.
    Cons: No replaceable ends on steering drag link. Steering bushings are cheap plastic, could be better.
    Attachments: 46″ snow blower with Warner linear lift, snow plow blade, box scraper/grader with sleeve hitch, snow cab, dethatcher and spreader. 50 mower deck. 917.275041
    Modifications: I put halogen lights on top of the snow cab and better skid shoes on the snow blower.

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