John Deere 325

The John Deere 325 lawnmower is a very popular model indeed. It has enjoyed a production run that spanned 6 years, from 1995 until 2001, when it was succeeded by the John Deere GX325 lawnmower. The JD 325 is powered by one of 2 distinct engines. The first is a Kawasaki FC540V gasoline engine with natural aspiration. This is an air cooled, 1 cylinder engine which produces 18 hp and has a displacement of 0.534 liters. However this engine was superseded by the Kawasaki FH531V in 1999 which then became the standard engine it was shipped with. This is a slightly smaller engine with a displacement of 0.493 liters. However it’s a 2 cylinder that also produces 18 hp to power the wheels and mower deck. The Kawasaki FH531V is also air cooled and uses a paper and foam air filter to prevent particulate matter from entering into the engine. The 12 volt battery used to start the engine is charged via a 13 amp alternator.

The John Deere 325 is a John Deere mower that uses hydrostatic transmission to make it an automatic, giving it infinite gears when traveling forwards and infinite gears when it’s reversing also. It has a very impressive top speed of 11.3 kph (7 mph). The fuel tank on the JD 325 is big, holding up to 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons) of gasoline, allowing it to operate for many hours continuously without needing a refill.

There is a choice of mower decks that are compatible with the John Deere 325 lawn mower. The smallest is a mower deck with a 48 inch cutting width, while the large mower deck has a cutting width of 54 inches. Don’t forget that the JD 325 can also accommodate a huge range of other attachments and implements from snow blowers to front blades as well as an optional bagger and utility cart and the rear. If you own (or have previously owned) a John Deere 325 lawnmower, please leave a review below listing what you like and don’t like about it, as well as any attachments or implements you use with it as well as modifications you made.

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11 Reviews of the “John Deere 325”

  1. Richard Burns says:

    Great little machine doing my large yard most on a 30= degree slope! Did everything that was asked of it. Even help pull a few small trees and large bushes!

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: Great machine, very little issues
    Cons: Non that I caan think of
    Attachments: 48 inch mower deck

  2. a roe says:

    Crap from day one and JD executive would not take it back as i was 1 day over the return date.

    I had a 165 and it worked flawlessly for over 20 years. But the JD dealer lied and it barely could handle a snowblower. my wife and kids could not use it beacuse they would spin the tires.

    I bought this thinking i would get good quality and a heavier tractor so my family could use it but ti was a HUGE mistake.

    JD offered $1,000 for it in a trade with under 400 hours.

    So im looking for a used NON JD mower to rep[lace this and them sell it to some other poor soul.

    JD lost my business for ever.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: it was delivered on time.

    mower and snow blower work when serviced regularly

    Cons: tension support spring broke the first winter.
    if you use it for snowblowing the snow is sucked into the engine area and freezes the carb.
    JD bearing on snowblower seize every year $45-50. each. TSC bearings $12.00 each have lasted 5 plus years.
    drive belt comes off while starting or operating the tractor.
    seat cracked after 3 years and cannot be repaired, Foamed in place.
    Chute cable on snowblower seized after 2 years.
    bushing used by JD are actually protective plastic sleeves used when running wire thru a hole in metal.


    Attachments: mower deck and snow blower

  3. billy kennedy says:

    don,t mind cutting grass now since this mower is much faster than my old snapper, almost 20 years old and still going strong, my next lawn tractor will definitely be a john deere.

    Year of Manufacture: 1998
    Pros: very reliable and powerful. easy to start and it has never failed to cut any type weeds or grass. deck floats very well in my yard that has some uneven surfaces. this mower has 805 hours and runs as well as new.would highly recommend this mower to anyone.
    Cons: plastic hood is poorly made and has been cracked for years. i fiberglassed it from the rear to add strength. not pretty, but it works.

  4. Mark Denniston says:

    Totally satisfied to this point. Hope it last me many years.

    Year of Manufacture: 1999
    Pros: I have only owned this tractor for a few months. Bought it with 325 hours and the 54 inch deck. I only mow oppox one acre but this machine has cut my time to almost half from when using our Dept Store smaller rider. When I was shopping for an upgrade I had myself convinced I needed power steering and locking rear diff. Since using this machine, I am 100% pleased that I stuck with this unit. Steering acts like power steering and I have had no problems with our yards slopes and hills.
    Cons: Quite new to this machine but so far no cons.
    Attachments: 54 inch deck. Plans to add blade and blower.
    Modifications: I did flip the rear wheels inside out for the added width due to our hills. Not sure it makes much difference but makes me feel better.

  5. Jim says:

    Excellent machine. No plans to upgrade. Plows dirt and snow like it isn’t even there. Owned it since 1998 and the only problem I have had is to replace the upper hood twice and not from slamming it. For about 15 years I mowed a large lawn that took about 5hrs once a week and never had a motor problem or any other mechanical problem. Now I just use it for heavy work around the house. I have a zero turn for mowing.

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: Very reliable. no major problems.
    Cons: Upper hood broke twice. JD should do something about that except raise the price.
    Attachments: Snow/dirt blade, 48″ mower deck, Front mount Thatcher, Pull behind slit seeder, Roller, Wheel chains, suitcase weights.
    Modifications: None

  6. Stuart Somers says:

    Very dissapointed.At least twice a year something falls off or breaks.Does OK mowing but hopeless plowing.You are supposed to be able to change the implents without tools—but I never can.I always need the big vice grips.

    Year of Manufacture: 1995
    Pros: Powerful enough. Easy to drive. Mine has 320 hours.
    Cons: Plastic hood had cracked-twice. No I don’t slam it. Pulley on the bottom of the crankshaft came off. Should be left hand thread or cotter pin.The dealer said they used blue Loctite.Two electric clutches for the implement failed.Bearings for mower blades only last two years. despite being greased several times a season.Main drive belt (square) failed. Very hard to change.Hydralic lift is shared by mower and blade—but only has about 4 inches of lift.Electronic ignition failed ,had weak spark.Snow plowing relies 100% on chains and wheel weights.DInky little front tires and limited blade travel make the tractor really a struggle to plow more than 4 inches of snow.
    Attachments: 6 foot blade,48 inch mower
    Modifications: The optional kit to angle the blade never worked well. I took it off.Junk.

    • Daniel Gray says:


      Year of Manufacture: 2000
      Pros: This machine pulls like a truck. People say its only 18hp but when they see it operate they are surprised. Mine has 350 hours and starts up without any delays. Great machine
      Cons: Plastic hood should have ribs to preventing cracks. As with all Deeres the seats crack, I just put on a high back one and it makes a world of difference.
      Attachments: Plow
      Modifications: Installing LED Lights and am modifying deck to accept MC519 collecting cart

      • Daniel Gray says:


        Year of Manufacture: 0
        Pros: A follow up to the guy with the 6 foot blade, this tractor was never designed to use a 6 foot blade so that may be why you are having your issues.
        Cons: n/a
        Attachments: n/w
        Modifications: n/a

  7. John says:

    trouble free work horse.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: I have the Kawasaki single cylinder motor – super torquey. Plenty of power. Pull heavy trailer loads with no problem. Heavy welded frame (over 700 lbs) and solid linkages. I mow and snowblow and it performs both well. Tight turning radius. Nice to have the hydraulic lift when snow blowing. Easy to change oil. Easy to change from mower to blower. Hydrostatic transmission is intuitive. No offense to friends that bought the discount JD’s from the big retailers, but having riden some of those, this tractor is in a different class entirely.
    Cons: a little loud because of the magnificent Kawasaki motor, but we should all be wearing ear protection (which also keeps ears warm when snowblowing).
    Attachments: Mower deck, snowblower, trailer, dethatching rake, spreader, roller.

  8. Dewey says:

    EZ to service and have had little trouble with it. Even without power steering this tractor is like having power steering. Comfortable to operate at a 2 hour run. 780 + hours and still going strong. This is not one of them tinker toy department store tractors.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Foot pedal hydro is great. Sharp turning EZ to go around trees & shrubs. Fast. Very stout frame.
    Cons: Fuel filling
    Attachments: 48 mower, power flow bagger
    Modifications: Bar tires due to slopes and banks.

  9. Paul says:

    Also, very serviceable. All moving parts have replaceable wear parts (bushings, bearings, pins, etc.). Runs great in all weather conditions. I have the single stage 42 inch snowblower mounted on the tractor and have had no problem starting or running the machine in 10 degree weather and then proceeding to blow 24 inches of snow. I have over 800 hours on this machine and it runs flawlessly. The article is a little off though, the single cylinder Kawasaki is a 17 horse, not 18. That being said, the tractor has no issues mowing wet grass or throwing wet snow.

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: Everything, very well built and dependable.
    Cons: No rear PTO. Bagger options are small, only two bag bagger available, no three bag bagger available.
    Attachments: 42 inch blower, 48 inch mower deck, power-flo and rear bagger, 17P poly cart, tire chains.
    Modifications: None.

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