John Deere 2320

The John Deere 2320 compact utility tractor is one of the newer models from JD. A similar model to this one is the John Deere 2305 tractor. The JD 2320 is powered by a Yanmar 3TNV76, three cylinder engine. This natural aspiration engine has a displacement of 1.115 liters and produces 24 hp. The engine is liquid cooled and uses a dry type, dual element air filter to purge the air intake of impurities before entering the combustion chamber. The pressurized lubrication system has a capacity to hold 3.2 liters of oil, while the cooling system can hold a maximum of 3.2 liters of coolant.

The engine on the John Deere 2320 transfers power to the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that gives the tractor infinite speeds over 2 ranges. The transmission box has a capacity to hold up to 9.8 liters of transmission fluid. The fuel tank on the JD 2320 can hold up to 23.1 liters (6.1 US gallons) of gasoline. During operation, the front axle can safely withstand loading of 880 kg (1940 lbs), while the rear axle can hold up to 1100 kg (2426 lbs) safely. At the rear of the tractor, you will also find a category 1, 3 point hitch.  This 3 point hitch has a maximum lift capacity of 650 kg (1433 lbs).

A number of features that you would normally associate with much larger John Deere Tractors have been built into the John Deere 2320. These include a differential lock to improve pulling efficiency. Many new users may be a little intimidated using the JD 2320 for the first time, but the truth is they shouldn’t. Thanks to Twin Touch pedal technology and cruise control as well as other technologies, operating this machine is actually very easy. One of the main selling points of the 2320 is the fact that it can interact with so many attachments, from a variety of mower decks to snow blowers (47 inch, 54 inch, 59 inch and 60 inch snow removal devices are all compatible).

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4 Reviews of the “John Deere 2320”

  1. Lawrence Young says:

    It could blow up the next time I use it, however, right now, I am very happy with it. John Deere makes a great product, stands behind it, will even hep with disagreements with the dealer,,,without being asked to intervene. As they say,,,I love my Deere.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Keep in mind, this is a compact tractor. It does everything I ask of it. I have a grapple on the bucket and it lifts very heavy loads and a landscape rake on the back which is used for cleaning up after floods. The tractor is dependable, very well made, always starts, does not over heat, easy on fuel. Maintenance issues have been handled in a timely manner with only routine service required. Okay, I only have 90 hours on a four year old tractor, but, I am very pleased with John Deere.
    Cons: So far, nothing negative to say about the 2320. Yes, it is small, but, it is all the tractor I need for what I do. The manufacturer stands behind their product, they even called to be sure I was satisfied with the purchasing experience after the purchase. As far as I am concerned, this is the Cadillac of tractors.
    Attachments: Front bucket/loader, landscape rake
    Modifications: I lightened my bill fold a bit when I made the purchase, other then that, no modifications.

  2. Dan says:

    Excellent tractor. I love the hydro drive pedals being right next to each other. Makes for easy maneuvering.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: For its size it is a little work horse. From a performance standpoint it has done most everything I would expect (and more) for a compact tractor. Although I’m very pleased with this tractor, I wish I would have stepped up one size … but my finances wouldn’t let me.
    Cons: 2013 2320 bought new. My only complaint is, I have a 62D mid mount mower deck and the deck debris (from blowing out the front of the deck) is always collecting on the grille while mowing. I had to put a mechanical temperature gauge on it so I could keep an eye on where the temperature actually was rather than wait for it to overheat from the dummy light. If the temp gets up a little above normal I know to shut it down and get off and clean the grill and the radiator screen. Unfortunately that can happen quite often and can get very annoying. But, it also happens when using a shredder and mowing high weeds or grass. Not from the mower but the tractor is short enough the grill is the right height to collect the top of high weeds and grass right where all the seeds are and sucks them right up. I need a grille snorkel like the old corn pickers use to have. Hey JD, can you make a universal snorkel that will fit multiple hoods?
    Modifications: Added a mechanical temp gauge.

  3. John Prince says:

    Overall good except for the cobbling of parts from smaller models. I expect way more from JD than this.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Very reliable. I love the hydrostatic transmission. Seems to have plenty of power to pull stones and rocks. The fluid dipsticks are in good places to check your fluids. Will do more than you would think.
    Cons: Some of the attachments have been cobbled up from the 300 and 400 series tractors. They are clumsy and difficult to attach. Those attachments are too flimsy for this tractor. The main attachment I refer to is a snow plow. Another is a snow blower my father purchased. Every parts counter that I have been to including the dealer I purchased this from, never seems to have parts in stock for the 2000 series. Most of the 2000 series parts are recycled from the 400 series.
    On the belly mower the bogie wheels seem to bind and the nylon bearing inside will slowly rotate so it is unable to be greased.
    The roll bar is too high for this unit also. makes mowing difficult around trees so the roll bar is usually down making it unsafe.
    The hydraulic lines are also cobbled together for smaller units making them difficult to handle.
    Attachments: 54 inch snow blade, 62 inch belly mower,
    Modifications: none

  4. Dan House says:

    Although I have been very satisfied with what this tractor can do for it’s size, I wish I would have stepped up to the 3000 or 4000 size tractor. But, that would mean stepping up to more payment too. It was in my price range and it does most of what I need to do and I’m very pleased with it overall. Keeping the payments down has helped me buy more equipment.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: For its size it really does a great job. It looks small but it thinks big. It is small enough to get it in to tight places and on a 16 foot trailer with a mower. I love the Twin Touch pedal technology of the forward/reverse pedals, they don’t wear you out like Kabota does. It turns sharp it pulls hard, it climbs great and rarely ever gets bogged down when mowing high weeds with a 5 foot bush hog. Operating this tractor is so easy the wife can do it. Took her all of 5 minutes to figure it out.
    Cons: No temperature light and grill clogging. The grill will clog up quite fast if your mowing with the mid-mount or a brush mower. The light lets it get too hot before it comes on. I changed mine to a gauge but it was hard finding a spot to mount it where it wouldn’t get knocked off. The bucket lever is perfectly placed for using the loader but when your mowing or looking back at any 3-point equipment your using you will constantly hit the lever with your right leg. If you push or pull much your going to need rear wheel weights. No place to put a tool box, that is probably the most frustrating. Also, although it gets great economy, I really wish it had a larger fuel tank.
    Attachments: 5 foot bush hog, tiller, mid-mount 62in mower, loader, 3-point quick attach, 3-point receiver, bucket forks.
    Modifications: Temperature gauge, rear work light, bucket hooks.

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