Lawn Boy 10684

The Lawn Boy 10684 walk behind lawn mower uses an East Start Tecumseh engine to drive it forwards as well as power it’s mower deck. The engine is started with a pull cord mechanism. This recoil pull cord starting system is covered in the 2 year warranty for this model. The mower deck has a cutting width of 21 inches. This deck has been made from 14 gauge steel that is reasonably lightweight, but more importantly, it easily resists the knocks, bumps and bruises that all lawn mowers encounter. The mower deck operates as low as just one inch above the ground when you want to get a really short cut for your lawn. However if you are tackling very long or even damp grass, the deck can be raised as high as 4 inches. All raising and lowering of the mower deck is done by a system close to the wheels.

The Lawn Boy 10684 walk behind lawn mower uses a variable transmission system to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This enables the operator to adjust the speed of the machine to how fast he (or she) is walking. The total weight of the lawn mower is actually fairly light, coming in at just 36.7 kg (81 lbs), which is light enough for many people to lift into their cars.

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2 Reviews of the “Lawn Boy 10684”

  1. Luther Brassel says:

    Great mower

    Year of Manufacture: 2003
    Pros: I have had this mower since 2002 and have only changed the oil and spark plug and it still preforms excellent. One of the best mowers!
    Cons: Needs a black bag.

  2. AJ says:

    Safety hazard going up hills Other than that good

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Starts every year. Starts on first pull during summer every time. Great cut
    Cons: Poor turning radius. Rear wheel drive when bag is halfway full and going up any minute angle of a hill the mower wheelies and Does not cut the grass. Going up a steep hill while engaging self propel mower wheelie and pulled my wife forward and fell over. Poor design with bag and rear wheel drive.

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