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The John Deere 4020 is one of John Deere’s most famous mid sized tractors with over 180,000 having been produced and sold during it’s production years from 1963-1972. Originally a 2WD tractor, the 4020 came with optional 4WD in later years of it’s production. The Gasoline, Diesel and LP Gas models were all powered by a 6 cylinder engine which produced just over 95 hp. Like most John Deere tractors attachments include front end loader and various rear attachments.

The gasoline and LP Gas model both could take 34 gallons (or 129 litres for those of you in Europe) while the diesel model could hold 45 gallons (170 litres) meaning that the diesel model can work longer shifts. The JD 4020 has a minimum weight of 8645 lbs (3921 kg) but this can greatly increase when you factor in different attachments and larger wheels.

Many people sometimes get a little confused when they see a John Deere 4320 as they think it’s practically the same vehicle as the 4020. It’s not. The JD 4320 is different in that it weighs more coming off the assembly line, due to a turbocharger (which gives it 20 hp more than the 4020) as well as a few other modifications including different wheels. Many people prefer the 4320. They see it as the 4020’s bigger, stronger sister that packs that extra little bit of oomph. Nothing to be scoffed at when pulling large loads.

Many people saw the John Deere 4020 as revolutionary when it came to farming. Unlike other tractors at the time, the JD forty twenty came with new driver protection, a roll over guard that helped pave the way for safer farming. Not only did the 4020 offer improved protection, but it also offered easy attachment of dual rear tire for extra traction. This was necessary, as the power output from the 4020 meant that it could pull more than other tractors being built in the 60’s.

Most people who grew up farming in the 60’s and 70’s (and even 80’s) will know of the John Deere 4020 and will most likely have good things to say about it.

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One Review of the “John Deere 4020”

  1. John Boy says:

    The forty twenty certainly was a fantastic tractor in it’s day, but unfortunately it has been surpassed by many of JD’s new models. Nice article

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