Troy Bilt Horse XP

The Troy Bilt Horse XP garden tractor lawn mowers is a bit bigger and more powerful than either the Troy Bilt Pony or the Troy Bilt Bronco lawn tractors. This is thanks to it’s 22 hp engine, a Courage model, built by Kohler. The engine is a single cylinder model with a full pressure lubrication system. The Horse XP is started by a 12 volt battery which supplies the engine with 235 cold cranking amps. This engine gives the Horse a top speed of 8.4 kph (5.2 mph) going forwards. The fuel tank on the lawnmower can hold up to 7.6 liters (2 US gallons) of gasoline.

Thankfully the Troy Bilt Horse XP lawn tractor uses a hydrostatic transmission which means that you never have to worry about gear changing to change speed. The mower deck on the Horse XP is powered by a manually engaged PTO. The mower deck has a cutting width of 42 inches and houses 2 blades inside it’s 12 gauge steel frame. On the leading edge of the mower deck, you will notice 2 small plastic anti scalping wheels. These perform a small but important task. When the lawnmower is traveling over uneven ground, these make sure that the mower deck follows the contours of the ground instead of possibly scratching/scraping it.

The minimum turning radius of the Troy Bilt Horse XP tractor lawn mower is 21 inches. The tractor mower comes with a 2 year warranty to anyone purchasing it new for personal, residential use. Please leave a review below if you have ever operated the Horse XP garden tractor lawn mower to give others an idea of what they should expect from it. Make sure to include both your positive and negative experiences so that potential buyers get a good overall view of the machine.

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3 Reviews of the “Troy Bilt Horse XP”

  1. Russ Walton says:

    If you don’t have more than 3 acres and let the Hydrostatic cool down on very hot days; this mower should do just fine. I would recommend this to anyone if they don’t have long slops or large hills to climb.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: I am mechanical and did my research on riding lawn mowers for a week when my 1991 Garden Tractor broke. It felt like a half size down when Lowes delivered my Troy Bilt Horse XP,20 hp, 46in cut.

    I had a 30 day return so I worked it everyday on our 1.5 acres. After 15 hours of 3/4 throttle break in and 1 oil change to get the factory break in oil out; I was as happy as I could be with the Horse XP. It cut with more blade speed, smoother shifting with the Hydrostatic, more power and dependable starting. No belt issues at all. I engage them at 1/2 throttle, not full and release the same way. I mow for 1 hour and let the Hydrostatic cool off to the touch for 2 hours on the very hot summer days. From what I have read; these are very expensive to replace and I want mine to last at least 10 yrs. I let the motor run at idle to cool off before shutting down. Best mower for the money; nice color-gray.

    Cons: I wish the seat switch was not there, cuts out when I lift up while cutting. It is a little complicated getting used to the reverse cutting steps, but once you turn the key back and touch the button and the light comes on, you are good to go backwards and cut. Do not use or ride your foot on the left side brake pedal or you will wear out the belts early. Use the Hydro lever to slow down by putting it back to N-Neutral. Always stop before using reverse. Great mower. Do not mow at night and wish it had a switch to turn lights off and on.
    Modifications: Make a drain for the Hydorstatic and an easy fill with the proper synthetic oil.

  2. charles a wright sr says:

    I look forward to using this tractor. The time it takes you to do your work is cut in half, you don’t have to fight the machine, it responds in every way to your wishes and every thing is there right at your fingertips. The Troy Bilt Horse XP modle 13WX79KT011 in my opinion is second to none’.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: I am very pleased with this lawn tractor. It is everything the advertisements claim and more. It is the best lawn tractor I have ever bought including Honda Harmony and a Cub Cadet for the price and overall quality of the machine its self (Bang for the Buck). I got a mulch kit and lief bagger for less money all together then most other brands of equal quality, including the $80 I paid to put an hour meter on this machine. I have a 200×200 lot including a small garden and I pull drop and rotary spreaders, spike aerator, utility cart and thatcher at proper speeds within a excellent turning radius. It comes with a Hydrostatic Transmission , and a 2 gallon gas tank . What a bargain.

    Cons: The springs in the seat are very stiff and being short I have to move the seat forward taking a lot of weight off the back which holds the seat down on the safety switch keeping the tractor running. I unhooked it and that solved my problem.

    I think it should come with an hour meter for keeping track of proper scheduling of maintenance.

    Removing the PTO cable from the rear of the cutting deck and the spring from the deck idler bracket is not very easy, otherwise the deck would come off with no problem.

    The tractor should come with a illustrated parts manual . I bought one from MTD for $18.

    Attachments: The bagger and mulch kit can be put on and taken off with no problem.
    Modifications: Not all people have long legs, modify something for adjusting the seat forward with out effecting the NSS.

    Make it simple to drop the deck from the outside in stead of under the deck and frame. I have small hands and it is hard for me to work with tools and see what I am doing at the sane tine.

  3. Wm. M. Mahan says:

    I got my 2012 Troy-Bilt Horse XP the last week in April this year and have used it to cut my 3,3 acres 3 times so far. Being “unlike” my 36″ 2010 Bolens, it took me a few minutes to adjust to the Speed Control Lever…I have to admit I now “love” it, as it gives me complete control 100% of the time – even though that means driving with one hand.

    One option that sold me on this tractor was the “Reverse Cut/Caution Mode” … it worked great the first two times I used it – Unfortunately, the last time it would not work – and there is nothing in the trouble shooting section of the owners manual to cover this problem – thus I have to “take it in” for diagnosis and repair – THIS DOES NOT make me a happy camper…

    On a more positive note: I love the deck Gage/support wheels – no more scalping !!! and when set, the deck doesn’t sag lke my Bolens.

    I beleve the turning radis is a bit over-stated – 30″ is the tightest I can turn…no biggie in my book..

    “Deck lifting” by the lever, is a bit “heavy” in my book, but manageable – maybe its just that I’m getting a bit older (60+) and don’t have the arm strength I used to, and I am not a large person anyway – 5’6″ @ 150lbs.

    I love the power – the 22hp is just what I needed for when the grass/weeds get thick and high between rainstorms and cutting; its a blessing.

    The “safety switch” under the seat leaves a bit to be desired… because I am short and need the seat foreward to completely engage the brake etc. the switch will often “think” I am not in the seat and start to shut off the engine…don’t have that problem with my smaller Bolens…

    I would not recomend this Tractor for anyone shorter than I am – @ just 5′ tall and 100 lbs, “my wife can not safely operate this mower” – and can not adjust the deck height at all. I think if I were shorter it might not be safe for me as well…maybe Troy-Bilt could come up with peddle extentions ? Oh well, “she” still has the Bolens to use and I get the new Troy-bilt all to myself – a good thing…

    Year of Manufacture: 2012

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