Toro Z Master Z480

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The Toro Z Master Z480 zero turn lawn mower gets it’s power from a Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine. This engine is from the Intek line and produces 18 hp. The engine uses a full pressure lubrication system and overhead valves. The engine powers the wheels using a dual EZT hydrostatic system that gives the Z 480 infinite speeds going forwards and in reverse, controlled by a twin levers in front of the operator. This controls how much power each rear wheel receives. When traveling forwards, the top speed of the Z 480 Z-Master is 9.7 kph (6 mph), while in reverse it can reach up to 5.5 kph (3.4 mph).

The fuel tank on the Toro Z Master Z480 zero turn lawn mower holds 7.6 liters (2 US Gallons) of gasoline. The small fuel capacity of the lawnmower when compared to other Toro zero turn mowers is a good indicator that this lawnmower is marketed towards individual homeowners. The engine is key started using a 12 volt battery. The mower deck on the Z-Master Z 480 has a cutting width of 48 inches. This deck houses 3 blades that are made from 1/4 inch thick steel. These blades have been heat treated so that the edges stay sharper for longer.

The mower deck has an operating range of 2.5 inches from a low of just 1.5 inches above the ground up to a high of 4 inches above the ground. The deck has the option of a mulcher kit. There is also an optional rear attached bagger to collect the clippings. The standard method for dealing with grass clippings on this mower is to just discharge them out the side. You can attach a snow blade to the front of the Toro Z Master Z480 during the winter for clearing your driveway. Other models like this one include the Toro Z Master Z450 and the Toro Z Master Z400 zero turn lawnmowers.

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