Toro Z Master Z300

The Toro Z Master Z300 zero turn lawn mower is a commercial zero turn mower. It has the option of 2 different mower decks. The smaller deck has a cutting width of 34 inches, while the larger deck has a cutting width of 40 inches. Both decks are roughly 10 inches wider than their cutting widths due to the plastic protective discharge flap on the side of the deck. The mower deck is incredibly tough, thanks mostly to the fact that it’s made from fabricated 7 gauge steel. The deck has a depth of 5 inches, allowing it to handily deal with long grass without the risk of it choking up. There is the option of using a mulching kit on the mower decks as well as a rear bagger attachment to collect the clippings. The decks both have a massive cutting range of 4 inches from a high of 5 inches above the ground to a lower of 1 inch above the ground.

The engine that powers the mower deck on the Toro Z Master Z300 is a twin cylinder Kawasaki. This engine produces 19 hp. Thanks to a dual hydrostatic transmission system, the Z 300 Z Master lawnmower is an automatic with each rear wheel controlled independently of the other. The top speed that the Z300 can travel at is (8 mph) going forwards.

The rear wheels are far bigger than the front wheels. This is for a variety of reasons, they carry more weight as well as powering the Toro Z Master Z300 as well as turning it. Each rear wheel on the Z 300 measures 18×8.5-8 (40 inch deck) or 18×7.5-8 (34 inch deck). The front wheels each measure 11×4-5. Similar sized models to this one are the Toro Z Master G3 48 Inch Mower.

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