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The Toro XL440H garden tractor lawnmower is the largest in the Toro XL series of lawnmowers. The engine that powers it is designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. The engine is an Intek model that supplies the mower deck and wheels with 17 hp. The engine does not over heat thanks to an air cooling system. The air intake is filtered through a dry type air filter before entering the combustion chamber so that it does not contain dust which may block and disrupt the combustion process. You would be correct in guessing the the ‘H’ in the XL 440H’s name stands for hyrdostatic which is the type of transmission that the lawnmower uses.

The Toro XL440H has a mower deck that has a cutting width of 44 inches. There are actually 2 different 44 inch mower decks available for it. One is a regular, side discharging mower deck while the other is a ‘Recycler’ mowing deck. The Recycler is set up so that it thoroughly chops up the grass clippings into a mulch which causes the grass clippings to rot faster than they otherwise would. With a discharge flap attached, the total width of the XL 440H’s mower deck comes to 55 inches. The total length of the Toro XL440H is 68 inches, although this will greatly increase once a rear bagger is attached.

The Toro XL440H is not just a lawn mower though. In the winter you can attach a 2 stage snow blower or even a front blade to it. Obviously it can take a rear bagger (11 cubic feet capacity) too. The total weight of the XL 440H comes to 250 kg (550 lbs). If you are looking for other models in the XL series from Toro, then make sure to check out the Toro XL320 or the Toro XL380 lawn tractors.

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