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The Toro XL380 garden tractor lawn mower is a mid sized model from the XL series of lawn tractors from Toro. A similar but slightly less powerful machine from the same series is the Toro XL320 lawnmower, while if you are looking for something more powerful, then take a look at the Toro XL440H lawn mower. The engine that powers the XL 380 is a Briggs and Stratton Intek model with overhead valves. This engine has a displacement of 0.465 liters. The power reaching the wheels from the engine is controlled by a gear shift transmission on the XL 380, while the Toro XL380H uses a hydrostatic transmission. This gearbox gives the lawnmower 5 speeds traveling forwards and one for reversing. The fuel tank has a max capacity to hold 6.6 liters (1.75 US gallons) of gasoline.

The wheelbase of the Toro XL380 lawnmower is 47 inches, while it’s total length comes to 66.5 inches. The total weight of the XL 380 is not particularly high, coming in at 210.9 kg (465 lbs). Operating the lawn tractor in tight areas is not super easy as it has a minimum turning radius of 20 inches which is not particularly low for a lawnmower this size. You can attach quite a few attachments to this tractor. These include a snow blower, a front blade, a rear bagger as well as a utility cart.

The mower deck that comes with both the Toro XL380 and the Toro XL380H is a choice of either a side discharging 38 inch deck or a 38″ Recycler mower deck. The Recycler mower deck is set up to thoroughly mulch the grass clippings so that they quickly rot and return their nutrients to the soil. The Toro XL380H is a very similar model to the regular XL 380 except for the simple fact that it is uses a hydrostatic transmission. So if you are going to leave a review of the Toro XL380H, then please leave it below.

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