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The Toro Titan ZX6030 zero turn lawn mower is the largest machine from the Titan series. It is is almost identical to the Toro Titan ZX 6050 zero turn lawnmower in every respect, except that the ZX6050 has got a slightly less powerful engine. The engine powering the Toro ZX6030 is a Courage PRO from Kohler. This engine has a power output of 27 hp and a displacement of 0.725 liters. The engine features overhead valves and a full pressure lubrication system. The fuel tank on this model can hold up to 18.9 liters (5 US gallons) of gasoline.

Power from the engine is directed to the wheels through a Hydro-Gear ZT2800 dual hydrostatic transmission. The operator controls how much power each rear wheel receives through the lap bars in front of him. Power is transferred to the rear wheels which mean that they control both the speed and direction of the Toro Titan ZX6030. The rear wheels on the Titan ZX 6030 each measure 20×10 (20 inch diameter, 10 inch width). The main job for the front wheels is to keep the mower deck elevated and to remain loose to allow for easy turning. As a result, they don’t carry much weight. They each measure 11×4 (11 inch diameter, 4 inch width).

The 60 inch mower deck on the Toro Titan ZX6030 has 3 options for dealing with grass clipping waste. The easiest is to just leave it on the lawn after you cut it. However, you may find that this is a little messy. If so, you can choose to collect it instead in an optional rear bagger attachment. Or alternatively you can use a Recycler mulcher attachment to turn the clippings into a nutritious mulch. Smaller zero turn lawnmowers in the Titan series include the Toro Titan ZX4800, the Toro Titan ZX5000 and the Toro Titan ZX5450 zero turn lawn mowers.

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