Toro Titan ZX5450

The Toro Titan ZX5450 zero turn lawn mower is one of the larger models in the Titan range of mowers. It has a larger cutting width than the likes of either the Toro Titan ZX4800 or the Toro Titan ZX5000 lawnmowers. The mower deck on this model has a cutting width of 54 inches (the name should have made this obvious!). The mower deck on the Titan ZX5450 is built from welded 10 gauge steel which is highly unlikely to fracture or break even after multiple knocks and bumps. The mower deck has a number of anti scalping wheels which force the mower deck to follow the contours of the ground it’s traveling over and avoid scraping it.

The engine that powers the mower deck on the Toro Titan ZX5450 lawn mower is a Courage model that is built by Kohler. This engine has a displacement of 0.725 liters and is a 4 stroke, 2 cylinder model. The engine uses a full pressure lubrication system to keep all the moving parts fully oiled and as damage free as possible. The Kohler Courage engine on the Toro ZX5450 uses a large dual element air filter to stop dust and other particulate matter from entering into the engine and potentially disrupting the combustion process. The engine uses a Hydro Gear dual hydrostatic ZT 2800 transmission to transfer power from the engine to the wheels.

The speed and control of the Toro Titan ZX5450 is managed using the dual lap bars (levers) in front of the operator. The Titan ZX 5450 can hit an impressive top speed of 12.1 kph (7.5 mph) going forwards, while in reverse it has a top speed of 6.1 kph (3.8 mph). The rear wheels on this lawnmower measure 20×10 (20 inch diameter, 10 inch width), while the front wheels are a good bit smaller, measuring 11×4 (11 inch diameter, 4 inch width).

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