Toro Titan ZX5400

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The Toro Titan ZX5400 zero turn lawn mower is a quality piece of machinery from the guys at Toro. This zero turn mower has a deck that is 54 inches wide (cutting width that is, total width is higher due to the discharge flap on the side). The mower deck has a cutting range of 3 inches. It can cut grass as low as 1.5 inches above the ground and as high as 4.5 inches above the ground. What’s really great about this deck is that it can be raised and lowered in very small 0.25 inch increments so that you can always get pretty much the exact cutting height that you want for your lawn. The mower deck is raised and lowered using a foot operated, spring assisted lever. The mower deck on the ZX 5400 can also be fitted with a mulching kit to turn the clippings into a fast rotting and nutritious mulch. There is also the additional option of purchasing a bagger to collect the grass clippings.

The mower deck on the Toro Titan ZX5400 zero turn lawn mower is powered using a Courage PRO engine from Kohler. This engine is gasoline powered and is a twin cylinder with a total displacement of 0.725 liters. The engine has a max power output of 23 hp. The engine features overhead valves and a full pressure lubrication system which gives it a longer life. Additional features that give it a longer life are a hardened crankshaft and cast iron cylinder liners. The air intake into the engine is passed through a large dual element air cleaner which stops dust and other particulate matter from getting into the engine.

The engine on the Toro Titan ZX5400 uses a combination of dual Hydro-Gear ZT 2800 drives and Charge pumps to transfer power to the wheels. Similar models to the ZX 5400 lawn mower are the Toro Titan ZX5020 and the Toro Titan ZX5420.

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