Toro Titan ZX4820

The Toro Titan ZX4820 lawn mower is a zero turn mower that is one of the smallest models in the Titan series of mowers. It has a mower deck that has a cutting width of just 48 inches. This mower deck is powered by a V twin, 4 stroke, 22 hp Kawasaki engine that is air cooled. Power from the engine reaches the wheels via a dual hydrostatic transmission. This allows the operator to control the speed of each rear wheel independently, which is what allows you to make zero radius turns with this machine. This transmission gives the machine a top speed of 12.1 kph (7.5 mph).

The great thing about the Toro Titan ZX4820 zero turn lawn mower is that changing the height of the mower deck is very simple, using a foot operated lever. Instead of using a steering wheel and gas pedals to control the speed and direction of the Titan ZX 4820, you just need to use the lap bars in front of you. These lap bars control both the speed of the machine, but also it’s direction (turning left and right). The deck itself is constructed from 10 gauge steel and has a number of features such as anti scalping wheels to prevent it from scalping the lawn you are cutting as well as a bull nose bumper to help prevent the deck from getting damaged from knocks and bumps.

The front wheels on the Toro Titan ZX4820 lawnmower measure 11×4 (11 inches diameter, 4 inches wide) while the rear wheels each measure 20×8 (20 inches diameter, 8 inches wide). While the Titan ZX 4820 zero turn lawnmower is a pretty small machine for the Titan series, it is easily big enough to handle practically any job up to 5 acres, even if it has to travel over uneven terrain. Similar models to the Titan ZX4820 include the Toro Titan ZX5020 and the Toro Titan ZX5420 zero turn mowers

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2 Reviews of the “Toro Titan ZX4820”

  1. Ray Orgera says:

    Comfortable ride except on hills. Use the roll bar and seat belts.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Comfortable. Excellent cut for awhile.
    Cons: Belts break often. I’ve used it for a7.2 hrs and have had three belts on this mower. Be extremely careful on any slope as you will turn this mower over on slight slopes. Blades wear out fast, looking for a replacement from any other company. Very hard to change belts and blades and I have lifts to get under the mower. Had to use a torch to get the blades off. Buy a husky or John Deere you’ll be much happier.
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  2. M Gardner says:

    Cuts great on a perfectly flat surface, but so do scissors

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: This mower has an absolutely beautiful cutting deck. The best I’ve ever seen for a homeowner mower
    Cons: This thing is a DEATH TRAP. Toro upgraded the hydro units for the power to each wheel, then they equipped the mower with tiny round rear wheels. They do not hold a slop, and will break free sending the mower into a 360 degree spin down the hill. If it didn’t have ROPS I’m sure people would get maimed or killed on this thing.

    Even worse, after addressing the issue with the dealer, who acknowledges the problem and offered to put the correct “square profile” rear tires on it, Toro said they would void the warranty if any changes were made from original equipment. I sent them pictures proving the slope I am mowing is less than the maximum listed in the safety manual. Three weeks later they have not responded except to say that the mower operates as designed. Designed to injure!

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