Toro TimeCutter Z5040

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The Toro TimeCutter Z5040 zero turn lawn mower gets it’s power from a twin cylinder Kawasaki engine. This engine has a total power output of 21 hp. It features overhead valves and a full pressure lubrication system that has a spin on oil filter. The air intake into the engine is first passed through a canister type air filter to remove dust and other particulate matter from it so that it’s doesn’t mess up the engine. The engine is key started using a 12 volt battery. Power from the engine is transferred to the rear wheels on the Time Cutter Z5040 using a dual hydrostatic transmission system that gives the lawnmower infinite gears traveling forwards as well as in reverse.

The operator on the Toro TimeCutter Z5040 zero turn lawnmower controls how much power each rear wheel receives using the dual levers in front of him. To travel forwards or backwards you just need to press the dual levers or backwards. To make a zero radius turn you just need to push the dual levers in opposite directions. The rear wheels which power the Z 5040 TimeCutter forwards each measure 18×9.5 (18 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width). The rear wheels have a turf thread, while the front wheels are bald as they don’t need to grip the ground. The front castor wheels each measure 10×4 (10 inch diameter, 4 inch width).

The mower deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z5040 zero turn mower has a cutting width of 50 inches. It’s set up to discharge the grass clippings out the side, but you can add on a mulching kit or bagger to collect them. The total weight of the Z5040 TimeCutter is 313 kg (690 lbs) when it’s being shipped, but obviously it weighs more during operation. Similar models to this one are the Toro TimeCutter Z5060 and the Toro TimeCutter Z5030 lawn mowers.

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