Toro TimeCutter Z5030

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The mowing deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z5030 zero turn lawn mower is 50 inches wide (which is hopefully pretty obvious from the name Z 5030). The mowing deck has been made from unibody steel which means less connection points which can potentially fail. The deck is raised and lowered manually using a foot pedal assist. The deck has seven different cutting heights from a low of 1.5 inches above the ground up to a high of 4.5 inches above the ground for when you are cutting damp or very long grass. The deck has 3 anti scalping gauge wheels attached to the front of it to guide the deck smoothly across the lawn without the risk of it ‘catching’ on the ground and potentially cutting it up.

The engine powering the mower deck on the Toro TimeCutter Z5030 zero turn mower is a Courage engine from Kohler. This is a twin cylinder model with overhead valves. The engine features cast iron cylinder liners to give it an extra long life. The air intake into the engine is first passed through a large capacity air cleaner to purify it of any contaminants first before it enters the combustion chambers. To keep everything working smoothly, the engine has a full pressure lubrication system. In total, the displacement of the engine comes to 0.725 liters, which allows it to have a max power output of 23 hp.

The fuel tank on the Toro TimeCutter Z5030 zero turn mower can hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons) of gasoline. The operator controls the speed as well as the direction of the Z 5030 using the 2 lap bars in front of him. The right lap bar controls the right rear wheel while the left lap bar controls the left rear wheel. If you are looking for a smaller TimeCutter machine, then the Toro TimeCutter SS4260 may be of interest to you.

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