Toro TimeCutter Z5000

The TimeCutter series of zero turn lawn mowers are marketed towards both homeowners as well as commercial users. The Toro TimeCutter Z5000 is one of the larger models in the series. The mower deck on the Z 5000 is big, with a cutting width of 50 inches. This mower deck is made from Unibody steel which means that it has very few connections, leading to less breakages. Attached to the front of this mower deck are 3 anti scalping wheels. These work to prevent the deck from catching on the lawn as it travels over it. The operator can raise and lower the mower deck from a high of 4.5 inches to a low of 1.5 inches above the ground. This is done using a foot operated, spring assisted lever. The standard option for dealing with the grass clippings is to just discharge them out the side of the deck. However, you can optionally purchase a ‘Recycler’ mulching kit or a rear bagger. The mower deck also features a deck washout port to which you can attach a hose to clean it.

The Toro TimeCutter Z5000 zero turn mower gets it’s power from a 21 hp Kohler Courage Twin Cam engine. This engine uses a full pressure lubrication system and overhead valves as well as cast iron cylinder liners to give it a very long life. The gas tank on the Time Cutter Z 5000 lawnmower can hold up to 11.4 liters (3 US gallons) of gasoline.

There are a number of great features on the Toro TimeCutter Z5000 zero turn mower that make operating it very easy going. The drivers seat has a high back (18″) which means that your back won’t get sore, even after long operating hours. It also has armrests. The control levers on this lawnmower are special ‘Dual Comfort Levers’ which are padded. Similar sized models to this one in the TimeCutter range include the Toro TimeCutter Z5030 and the Toro TimeCutter SS5000 lawnmowers.

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3 Reviews of the “Toro TimeCutter Z5000”

  1. Spoehr Steve says:

    Terrible wish I didn’t buy it

    Year of Manufacture: 2016
    Pros: Cut lawn fast. Zero moves around trees nicely.
    Cons: This is my 3rd year owning this tractor and have had it in the shop as many times. Design flaw as the deck hooks on a bar if you go over something it comes un hooked huge pain to put back on. All sorts of cottter pins then isn’t level mohawksthe lawn one skide is lower and then your blade finds any hidden sticks or rocks which then ding the blade.
    Wish I never paid all the money for this. Owned the 42” deck prior and never had issues. Big waste of y time will be in the shop for 3-4 weeks
    Piece of garbage (trying to be polite)

  2. Ashlie says:

    Worst purchase I ever make this lawnmower has been broke down three times between May of 2013 an today June of 2015 it breaks the drive idler pulley an belt evey 4-5 times we have used it it sits in shop for 3-4 weeks most of the time worst decision we ever made $3300 an so wasn’t worth it at all the pulley is plastic an get hot an melts an breaks an the pulley system is not spaced far enough apart so the belt rubs against the belt on other pulley an grinds it to peices constantly

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: It’s a riding mower sn can turn on a dime if it had new drive idler pulley an belt that is
    Cons: This mower has big issues with melting the plastic drive idler pulley an the pulleys route the belt too close to each other so it rubs together an grinds the belt until it breaks very very very often so it’s in the shop getting it repaired every few months surly at the beginning to mid cutting season an then again at the end of the season an toro doesn’t make a metal more durable pulley to put in its place an no opinion to pace the pulleys out so they don’t eat the belt

    • Darryl says:

      not a bad overall unit

      Year of Manufacture: 2007
      Pros: easy to work on, fairly reliable. I’ve been mowing 3 acres for 11 years.
      Cons: The deck belt doesn’t last more than a year. When cutting tall grass you have to slow way down or it will leave strips of uncut grass. (does better with Gator Blades). Mower probably needs a slightly larger engine.

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