Toro Power Throw 722E Snow Blower

The Toro Power Throw 722E Snow Blower is a powerful 2 stage snow thrower that is used both by home owners with large driveways as well as by independent contractors thanks to it’s strong build and general robustness. The engine powering the Toro 722E snow thrower is a Briggs and Stratton built 4 stroke engine that produces enough power to cut through most snow drifts. This machine is a big step up from smaller snow blowers like the Toro 1800 Power Curve snow blower and the Toro 221Q snow blower.

The mouth of the Toro Power Throw 722E snowblower is 0.56 m (22 inches) wide and has a height of 0.44 m (17.5 inches). This is easily big enough for most users, especially when you consider that it’s a dual stage snow blower, with both an auger and impeller. The impeller itself has 3 blades and is 0.25 m (10 inches) in diameter which allows it to handle very heavy loads much more efficiently than similar single stage snow blowers.

Once it sucks the snow inwards, the Toro Power Throw 722E Snow Blower then shoots it out up to 9.14 m (30 feet) away. The direction of the spent snow is controlled by the steel chute that uses a steel crank to rotate it by up to 180 degrees. The Toro 722E snow thrower is very heavy duty indeed as it weighs far more than it’s smaller brothers at 73.5 kg (162 lbs). This means that yes it certainly does pack a powerful punch, but is unfortunately a little more clumsy to move around. Luckily though it is self propelled on X-Trac wheels, making quite easy to operate if you aren’t in a confined space. The fuel tank on the Toro 722E is capable of holding 1.89 liters of gasoline, allowing continuous operation of the snow blower without needing to refuel too often.

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