Toro Power Max 1028 OXE Snow Blower

The Toro Power Max 1028 OXE snow blower is in the upper end of the spectrum when it comes to Toro’s snow throwers. This machine is far bigger than a lot of Toro’s smaller models like the Toro Power Max 828 OXE snow blower or the Toro Power Clear 421Q snow thrower. The Toro 1028 OXE has the ability to process up to 952.5 kg (2100 lbs) of snow every minute. This is quite phenomenal for a snow blower, so you will usually find models like this one used almost exclusively by commercial outfits that are clearing multiple driveways each day as opposed to regular households with small driveways to clear.

The clearing width of the Toro Power Max 1028 OXE snow blower comes in at 0.71 m (28 inches) allowing you to target substantially large swathes of driveway in a single passing. The snow is sucked into the machine thanks to the 0.36 m (14 inches) Power Max auger. The Power Max auger is constructed from high grade steel and is serrated which quickly breaks up compacted snow and drives it to the center of the machine where the impeller blade sucks it up and spews it out the deflector chute. The impeller located in the center of the bucket is 0.3 m (12 inches) in diameter and has enough power to expel snow up to 13.7 m (45 feet) away from the Toro 1028 OXE. This is a fantastic distance especially if you are clearing very large areas.

The Toro Power Max 1028 OXE snow thrower has 6 gears when traveling forward and 2 gears for reversing. This is thanks to a friction disk transmission that allows for free wheel steering meaning that you can very quickly make hairpin, 180 degree turns by independently stopping one wheel while keeping the other one in motion, making the Toro 2038 OXE very easy to use in tight spaces. The Toro 1028 OXE also comes with an adjustable scraper that helps to remove even the most stubborn ice from the ground as you are moving.

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One Review of the “Toro Power Max 1028 OXE Snow Blower”

  1. Stuke says:

    A beast! For years prior I drove the 828 Power Max, sold it to move abroad for a few years, and came back with loyalty to Toro, opting for the 1028 model for an extra 4″ swath. Everything else is the same, save for the addition of a choke that was not on the 828. Handles easily, tipping weight is just right, and power…not even a question. Handles the 6′ plow piles after a Nor’easter with a smile.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Power is phenomenal, weight is balanced, chute control is unmatched (even compared with the two button electric systems now on the market…with the left hand driving the wheels and locking on the auger, with the right hand, adjust the throw…can’t do that with a two button up/down and left/right control system, light is fine as white…amber is a bulb change only…if you throw DURING a blizzard…but with this model, just wait for it to finish then experience the true power of this machine, 1 gallon gas tank.
    Cons: Still using metal skids; polymers don’t leave rust marks on your garage floor…but the scrapper edge will still do that even if switching to polymer. Just stick a flattened cardboard box under the opening end of the machine…con solved.
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

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