Toro LX468

The Toro LX468 ride on garden tractor lawn mower has a larger mower deck and more powerful engine than the likes of the Toro LX423 and the Toro LX427 sit on lawnmowers. A Courage, 2 cylinder engine that is designed and built by Kohler provides the LX 468 with 22 hp. A hydrostatic transmission is used to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. This makes gear changing redundant. Instead you just have a pedal to control how fast you go, just like an automatic car.

toro lx468The mower deck on the Toro LX468 is engaged via an electric power take off. This turns the 2 blades. The cutting width of the mower deck on the LX 468 is 46 inches, but do keep in mind that the total width of the mower deck is about 10 inches higher due to the discharge flap located at the side. It has a top speed of 8.9 kph (5.5 mph). This makes it a perfect machine for cutting from 1 acre up to 5 acres. If you are cutting bigger areas than this, the you should try a larger Toro lawnmower.

Even though the Toro LX468 has a 46 inch cutting width, it still has a very low turning radius of just 0.38 m (15 inches), making it capable of working in tight and awkward areas. The LX 468 also comes with cruise control which makes cutting large, open areas easier to mow. Each front wheel measures 15″x6″ (15 inch diameter, 6 inch width) while each rear tire measures 20″x8″ (20 inch diameter, 8 inch width). Thanks to the fact that Toro makes a variety of attachments for this machine, it’s much more than just a lawn mower. It can be used for clearing snow with a 46 inch front blade or 42 inch, 2 stage snowthrower attached. You can also attach things like utility carts, aerators and lawn sweepers to it.

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One Review of the “Toro LX468”

  1. David Robie says:

    I hate it. Mows fair but I can’t take being covered in grass when I am done.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: Runs okay
    Cons: I have had a toro LX 468 since the spring. I had the dealer install a mulch kit on the mower. I’m no engineer but the cover on the mulch kit was designed by an idiot. The cover just blows of a few minutes after you attach it. I have spent several months trying to get it to stay on with duct tape, screws and wire ties. Toro and the dealer say they won’t do anything unless I bring it back in. I bought it from a dealer instead of the close by lowes because I thought I would get good service. Secondly, it’s summer…I need to mow my grass. The second issue with the mower is the deck itself. It blows grass out of the front right of the deck and right into your face. Each time I mow, I am covered in grass all over the right side of my body. The way I figure it, if the engineers designed the simple things like the mulch kit and the deck so poorly, the rest of the mower is in serious question.

    Both neighbors bought John Deere’s at the same time as I bought the Toro. They are quite amused watching me on my duck taped Toro mower going around in a cloud of grass clippings.

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