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The Toro GT2200 ride on tractor lawn mower is powered by a Kohler Courage engine. This 2 cylinder engine has a power output of 25 hp. The engine features a fully pressurized lubrication system to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear. The wheels receive power from the engine through a hydrostatic transmission that makes the GT 2200 an automatic. This garden tractor lawn mower has a very good top speed of 10.3 kph (6.4 mph). It also has the option of cruise control for those who have huge swathes of ground to cut. If you are looking for similar but smaller machines than this one, then check out the Toro LX427 or the Toro LX468 lawnmowers.

toro gt2200The mower deck on the Toro GT2000 tractor lawn mower has a cutting width of 50 inches. It consists of 3 blades which make for a much smoother cut than just one large blade which often leaves the middle part uncut. The operator can choose to discharge the clippings out the side of the mowing deck, or instead he can optionally mulch them. What most people do, especially garden contractors is use the optional triple bagger attachment for the GT 2200 which has a capacity to hold up to 10 bushels of grass clippings.

The fuel tank on the Toro GT2200 lawnmower can hold up to (3 US gallons) of gasoline. You will be pleased to know that you can operate the GT 2200 even when it’s dark thanks to the fact that it comes with headlights. There are also attachments that you can use with it such as snowblowers, a front blade and different utility carts. This means that you can quickly clear your driveway of snow early in the morning when it’s still dark with this lawnmower.

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