Simplicity Regent

The Simplicity Regent garden tractor lawn mower is very similar to the Simplicity Broadmoor in a lot of ways, except that the Regent is a little bit more powerful. This article is going to focus on the model with a 2 cylinder Kohler Courage engine that produces 23 hp (even though there are models with a 19 hp and 22 hp engines too). The 23 hp engine brings power to the wheels through a hydrostatic Tuff Torq K46HD Hydro transmission making the lawnmower an automatic with infinite speeds in both forwards and reverse. It has a top speed of 8.9 kph (5.5 mph) going forwards, while in reverse it can travel at 4.8 kph (3 mph). The fuel tank supplying gasoline to the engine has a capacity to hold up to 13.2 liters (3.5 US gallons).

The Simplicity Regent only has one choice of mower deck. This is a cutting deck that is 46 inches wide and houses 3 small blades working together. The mower deck can be raised from 1 inch to 4 inches above the ground through a infinite number of heights so that the operator will always be able to get the exact cut he/she wants. One of the cool things about this mower deck is that it uses Simplicity’s Free Floating technology which follows the shape of the ground you are cutting thanks to a full roller at the rear of the deck.

The total length of the Simplicity Regent is 1.8 m (71 inches) while it’s maximum height is 1.14 m (45 inches), while it’s wheelbase measures in at 1.27 m (50 inches). When the deflector chute is down, it has a total width of 1.42 m (56 inches) If you are looking for more powerful Simplicity lawnmowers, then the Simplicity Legacy XL or the Simplicity Prestige or even the Simplicity Conquest may be of interest to you. Please leave a review below letting others know your thoughts and feelings about this model.

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